Daily Prompt: Angry

In response to the one-word prompt: Angry

Physical Symptoms of Anger-related problems include:


*Heart Palpitations or tightening of the chest

*Increased blood pressure


*Pressure in the head or sinus cavities


These symptoms are enough to remind us that we all should try to control Anger. As humans sometimes it seems we are unable to check it.

I was watching a tennis match the other day, one of the contestants was making too many errors, in a fit of anger he started hitting the surface of the tennis court with his racket. The end result was he broke the racket and was fined a few thousand dollars for racket abuse. If he had thought of the mistakes he was making, he’d know it wasn’t the racket’s fault but his. When a person is that angry any kind of reasoning by a third party would not be helpful, rather he’d probably not hesitate to use it on one who’s giving the advice.

I’ve had my bouts of anger, I didn’t break anything but did show it by my tone of voice.

My husband always reminded me, anger only hurts me and no one else. There were times I wanted to use his words when he was angry, but I didn’t.

I find our two felines getting angry at each other, they bite each other’s ears, and keep at it until I take them apart. Next moment they are friendly and hug each other. There is a lesson to be learned by us from these felines. We hold on to our anger much longer.

I remember an incident in my childhood,my brother and I were going somewhere, we got caught up in the middle of a crowd of people, my younger brother was in a hurry to get away, while trying to free himself he bumped into a woman wearing a Burqa, she was fuming with anger, she said in Punjabi, “Ai munday tera bera ghark hovay.” (hey kid hope you drown or die).those words after all these years still echoes in my mind. At that time it scared me I knew she was unhappy and wished he’d die. I did not tell mom, she was very superstitious and would have stopped us from going out.

Anger makes a person incoherent, like that woman I wrote about.

………………………………….. ūüôā

DP Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter

pad2015-s1.png (308√ó60)

Tell us about a time when you  flew into a rage. What is it that made you so angry?

I was angry when the woman at Kent customer service looked at me and said,”We won’t take that back.”

It was Shop Vac with parts missing, I could not use it, so I took it back.

I told her,” you didn’t give me a chance to tell you why I brought it back.”

She realized her mistake and gave me the refund.


DP Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady

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We all get jealous from time to time– what wakes the green-eyed monster for you.

Green-Eyed monster I am not

When I become human

you better watch out!

I am usually pretty laid back and don’t worry about who’s getting more attention than me, what I’m saying is little unimportant things don’t spark any kind of jealousy in me.

When I notice someone who is not deserving, but getting far more attention than me I become furious. My feelings go unnoticed for a while, but I take care of it by my “don’t care won’t talk attitude”.

A few years ago my stingy brother-in-law wanted my husband to invite his in-laws to their village home. We were going to Dhaka, my brother-in -law lives in the states,he found out about our trip,without wasting any time he told my husband that he should invite  my brother-in-laws, in-laws to their village home for a meal.

As soon as we arrived in Dhaka,my husband started calling his brother’s in-laws to their village home. His enthusiasm was too much for me to bear, so I sat there in the veranda waiting to give him a piece of my mind.

The opportunity came almost immediately,he asked me something about what did I think, I stayed quiet, he asked,”Is anything wrong?”

I told him he should be ashamed of himself for inviting his brother’s, in-laws and completely ignoring my family. Oh he made a mistake he said and he was going to call them, I didn’t let him because he deliberately did that .

This was one of the times I felt hurt, angry and jealous, I am human after all.




DP daily Prompt: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Project Gutenberg ete...

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Project Gutenberg etext 19994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My least favorite quality in others is lying. There are people I know who think ¬†lying is great ,because they look for sympathy from others. I think they’d learn their lesson some day when the people they confided in would find out they’ve been misled. It’ll turn out to be , “The boy who cried wolf story.”

We all have qualities that are least favorite. How can we not, we are humans. Some of us have qualities that are not too bad as long as it does not hurt others.

My least favorite personal quality is: I get angry too quickly without weighing out the situation. I do a few things I’m not proud of, I stop talking with the person for days. It seems my anger keeps building up instead of ¬†abating. I do this with my siblings most of the time. If someone comes to talk to me I get angry with him/her too. ¬†I try not to lie,from early childhood my Mom ingrained in me the fact that, “God will never forgive if you lie. The only time He will forgive you is when your life is in danger.”


Raiva-Ager-Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DP Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight Post by Ranu

Many ¬†times I had confrontation with people.I always opted to head for the hills. Though it made me angry.I’d wait for ¬†next time. I was very outspoken at home,I never let my siblings get away ¬†with anything. My mom disliked this side of me. She’d warn me,’Now Ranu ¬†perhaps it’s all right to be confrontational with your siblings,I fear you may do the same thing outside’. I don’t know what those words,did to me,whenever someone was mean, I tried to tell them off,but it seemed the words were stuck in my throat.

Then came a day when I just lost it. There happens to be a busy body in my town. He always boasts about his kids,how well they’re doing and keeps on beating his drum. I thought it’s okay,he has a right to do so. Suddenly he changed the subject,he started picking on my ¬†kids,one day he said ,Selina will never get a permanent job. If he said it to me I definitely would not look the other way. He had the audacity to say this to her,in front of several people. Selina was unhappy,she told me what he’d done. I was so angry I immediately picked up the phone to tell him a thing or two. He was not at home,I left a message to call me. Next morning , I waited till nine in the morning. I called him and I did not hold back,words came pouring out of my mouth, I was surprised . When I finished, I warned him not to repeat this atrocious behaviour .

Finally I was relieved I did not look the other way. I can see my Mom staring at me and saying, ‘Ranu ,you didn’t do the right thing.’

DP Daily prompt: Elevator (fiction) post by ranu?’

CD Cover

CD Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It happened in Chicago. I went to do some shopping in  Marshall Fields. I was on the seventh floor and wanted to go to  the ground floor immediately.I thought if I take the escalator,it would take longer. I made up my mind to take the elevator. I pressed the down button.  I got the elevator within minutes. When the doors opened, I saw someone with his back turned towards me. I was happy to get on and go down fast to take the train .

The man turned around,I could not believe it, it was Willy Wonka! from ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’. He was humming a weird tune.I looked the other way,suddenly he said, Mrs. you are very unfriendly,don’t you know I am Willy Wonka the owner of the greatest chocolate factory? I said ‘maybe,but I don’t care for chocolate’. He looked unhappy,soon he got a grin on his face,’but dear madam he yelled you haven’t tried my chocolate. Here is some eat it slowly and tell me, do you still dislike chocolate? I wanted to make him angry, ‘I said, this one is nothing special and I stand by my word,I do not like chocolate’. Willie was livid,he stamped his foot twirled around and extended his hand for something.Right that moment I uttered,’Mr. Wonka ,be careful, don’t jump the floor might swallow you’ ,then I broke out into an uncontrollable laughter.

Willy said ‘Do you mean I’ll have the same fate as Rumpelstiltskin ?’ ‘You’ve got it Mr. Wonka’. The elevator doors opened up,I looked at the weird fellow,said goodbye and ran to catch the train.