Intro to Poetry,Day Nine: Landscape

Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape ( poetic theme: apostrophe)

Exterior - Lady Irwin School Images, Defence Colony, Delhi - Girls Schools
Lady Irwin Secondary School, image from Wikipedia

Lady Irwin Was my first school,

Teachers were friendly and cool.

I learned English,Math,and Bengali,

The school was started in New Delhi.

Here I learned the national anthem,

We memorized it when we were young.

Behind the large gates we often walked,

Pooris for sale she lovingly called.

Then Bengali lesson my teacher announced,

I have pictures for you all to write a story,

Let’s see if you are ready to work my dear-ie.

I loved this school because of the great teachers,

I know you’d love those God’s awesome creatures.

………………………………….. ūüôā

Writing 201:Poetry, Day Ten:Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe

Today’s form: Sonnet

Today’s ¬†Device: Apostrophe

I have struggled hard to write this sonnet since I saw the prompt. I find it very difficult to give up. This morning an email from a friend brought some sad news. I’m sorry I’m not writing this for pleasure of any kind, but something to show our friend we all understand what this loss means to him and us.

To My Friend!

Today our good friend’s world is in disarray.

His dearest son bid goodbye forever!

I don’t know how to ¬†comfort him today.

How can we humans deal with this ever!


He truly has been a good friend for long.

I feel lost to know he’s¬†out there¬†suffering.

I wish I could say, “don’t believe this it’s wrong,

He will come back to you happy ¬†smiling.”


Life puts us through so many hard exams.

It’s not easy when you are facing it.

So let’s pray my friend can make other plans,

Like spend time  with  his  other kids and not quit.


Our children are special we ¬†know it’s true,

I hope none of us,will face this blow too!

………………………………… ūüė¶