Daily Prompt : Witty

In response to one-word prompt : Witty

I’ll tell you a story of a cook,

He’s the smartest man in my book.

He out-witted his master one day,

Cranes have one leg he did say.

The furious master took him to the park,

There they saw Cranes with one leg in the dark.

The master went close and yelled Shoo,

The cranes put the other leg down and flew.

Now the master said, ‘Explain dear cook’,

The witty cook replied,  ‘Did you say Shoo when you took,

The crane from the store?’

The stunned master swore,

He never heard an argument like this before!

…………………………. 🙂

365 Writing prompts: Conflicted

You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it.How do you react to conflict?

I did not have the occasion to resolve any kind of conflict, if everyone turns to me to resolve it, I’d have a difficult time making both parties happy.

Some conflicts are easier to solve than others for instance if one of my student’s complain why he/she should win because he/she was better, it will be easy to solve the problem, if it was an essay competition, I can look at both the entries and point out some of the mistakes be it spelling, sentence structure and so on.

If it is much more serious such as inheritance it’d be more complicated, in that case I’d have to consult the proper person such as a lawyer to settle the conflict.


Writing Prompt: Bone of Contention

My friend I had a lot of heated argument about why I should leave the place I’m residing at present. There are always pros and cons about the decisions we make. We made the decision to settle in a place which is a smaller community because, we can get everything we want,also we don’t have to get stuck in traffic jams. To us it’s an ideal place.

My friend however sees it differently,she thinks it’s an island it takes longer to go places and we are too far away from our friends. What she says is true,but when we look at our situation we feel there are certain places we need to be close to,such as the hospital and doctors, my husband needed these facilities and we were in favor of these privileges more so than traveling or be close to friends.

Although my friend did not agree one hundred percent, she knew at heart our decision made sense. 

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/365-days-march 17-bone of contention/