Daily Prompt : Funnel

In response to one-word prompt : Funnel

The funnel is a very  useful thing,

It helps poring liquid without spilling.

Whoever invented it made our job easy,

Or else we’d flood the floors and go crazy.

God created humans knowing they’d be smart,

It was His way of showing Angels, His fine Art!

……………………………… 🙂


DP Daily Prompt: Tagline

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Often, our blogs have taglines. But if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

My tagline would be, “I was born to be a teacher”.

When I was seven going on eight, I was able to know my siblings were not learning to read Urdu they were memorizing every page in the book. I also recognized the teacher my father hired was unable to teach.

I knew how to get the attention of the students I taught, I did well.

In my mind teaching with love is an Art most successful especially when one is teaching  children. Children look forward to teachers who have patience and love, kids are intuitive by nature they can tell which teacher can get their attention.





DP Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

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Tell us a joke! knock-knock joke, long story with a punchline great zinger— all jokes are welcome!

Title : The Clever Chef

George a wealthy man met his friend Pat in a coffee house, they were delighted to see each other. George felt he hadn’t seen his friend for ages, it would be great if he invited him for supper.

With this intention he went shopping he saw a fat crane, immediately he thought, “I must buy  this to entertain my friend, I know my chef is a fabulous cook, he will bake a tasty roast.”

Malcolm the chef was busy with cooking a lavish  dinner for his master’s friend, he was singing and talking to himself, “If the dinner guest likes my cooking maybe he will put in a good word for me to the hotshots of food network.”

Suddenly there was a knock, who can it be he thought, he dislikes intruders, but he must find out.

To his dismay it was his buddy from the “Green Grocers Supermarket.”

“What brings you here, Dave he yelled?”

“Do you know Art, I was walking along this way suddenly the tastiest aroma hit my nose, instantly I was hungry, I came to check it out, I’m ecstatic to know this  is where you work.”

“Okay, okay no need to sugar coat your words Dave, Why are you here?”

“You know that aroma I got while walking I want to know who is it for and what are you cooking?”

Art told him he was roasting a crane for dinner for his master and his friend.

“A crane Dave jumped, why I never tasted its meat, must be delicious, can I please have a leg ,I am soooo hungry?”

“No you can’t said Art immediately.”

You don’t have to raise your voice, I know you are a friend in name only,if you had wanted me to give you something I’d do it no questions asked, I may go to some burger joint and have a burger instead, nice to know you friend!”

Art was guilty he pleaded with his friend to stay, so he could taste the leg of the crane and tell him what he thought of his cooking.

Dave got what he wanted, he ate the leg one morsel at a time, if he could he’d eat the bone too, but it was hard and he reluctantly put it in the garbage. He then thanked Art and went on home.

Meanwhile the wealthy man and his friend came for dinner. Art carefully set the table brought the roast along with the vegetables and rolls he baked. While carving the roast George realized there was only one leg, he summoned the cook promptly, “where is the other leg he asked?”

At first Art was stupefied what could he say, he waited a few seconds, then he said at once, “But cranes have only one leg Sir!”

George jumped off his seat and demanded they should go out in the field to see the cranes there. When they reached the field the cranes were having a nap and were standing on one leg, unwilling to give up George screamed SHOO, SHOO, the birds put the other leg down and flew away.

George pulled Art’s ears and said, “how will you explain this!”

“But Mr. George you forgot to say SHOO to the bird you bought, this is why it only had one leg!”

George was impressed to see how clever his cook was and forgave him.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/dp-daily-prompt-ha-ha-ha

DP Daily Prompts: Doppleganger Alert

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You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything– from the future, to the books, to the art on the wall- is identical to your home.What happens next?

Katie,”do you live here?” I said.

“Yes, why do you ask, Melanie, is something wrong?”

There is something strange about your home, I replied.

Really, would you care to explain? answered Katie.

I left my house in the morning to run some errands, I ran into you, you invited me to visit your house, I accepted although I have a lot of work to do in the house. When I entered your house I thought I was in my house, but your house is in a different part of the city, why am I thinking I am in my house. Wait a minute I get it, everything in your house is the same as in mine, it’s so strange.

Melanie you’re not making sense, what do you mean by, “everything’s the same as in my house?”

Yes Katie, my books, the art on the wall, are the same as mine, it cannot be a coincidence can it?

Both looked at each other and made up their mind to check it out, Melanie took Katie to her house, they were barely at the front door,there was a strange sound coming from inside the house. Melanie knew her husband had gone to work early and was not expected to be back yet.

Who is in her house she was alarmed, she unlocked the door and found a note, “tread softly dear ladies the ghoul is resting, I’d advise you to leave or face the consequences.”

Melanie was perturbed, was her husband back and decided to scare her, no she thought, they did not discuss anything about “Halloween” who could it be, while Melanie was deep in thought, Katie who was spooked out, left without telling Melanie anything.

Standing alone with the note, Melanie tip toed towards the kitchen, there was a nasty smell, she walked on there was someone large and scary  cooking something, she could only see the back of this creature, when it turned around, Melanie fainted and fell on the floor.

The ghoul was her husband playing a joke on her, when she opened her eyes she saw her husband bending over her and was saying,”I’m so sorry,Melanie, I didn’t know you’re such a coward.”

Where are my books and art on the wall,please tell me she said?

I’ll explain everything her husband said!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/dp-daily-prompts/

DP Daily Prompt: Fight the Power

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Tell us about a time when you fought authority and took a stand against,”the Man.” Did you win?


I was known for staying quiet, in the school where I taught,they always took advantage of me because of this. The principal knew other teachers would complain so whenever we had to change classrooms,I’d be the first one, I would quietly move.

One day the custodian came to my room and said, “You’re always the one who they move, they’re confident you won’t complain, you know what here on this island they say, a squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

I thought about it and let it go, I also wasn’t in favor of making noise in trivial matters. But that had to be changed because the matter in front of me was serious. 

My class was scheduled to go to Art class one day, the teacher sent them back, she explained the other teacher could not have Art week before due to teachers’ workshop.

Why wasn’t this information making  sense to me,I get it she is the squeaky wheel,the principal had to go along with her even if it was unfair. I watched my kids clearly dejected, I told myself I’m not going to stand here and take it. 

I went to the principal’s office and told him if it were my class would he take the stand of sending the other class back and let my class have the Art period they missed. I know he was surprised, he told me to send my class for Art, he came behind me and told  my class they’d be in trouble if they were noisy.

Clearly he didn’t have the guts to tell Madame her class couldn’t have Art that day,he preferred to have both mine and her class  have Art in the same period,all sixty of them.

I took a stand, well I won partly but my class had to share their period with another class, which I know they didn’t like!



DP Daily Prompt: Secret of Success Post by Ranu

I consider blogging an “Art”.  I have ways to go to achieve this special ‘Art’. In my opinion I am doing well. Anytime I am able to write the daily prompts successfully according to my estimation, my attempts are worth considering. Then if I even have one follower who likes what I write,it is victory for me.

Since I’ve joined the daily prompt group,I am exposed to a variety of topics,I have written as much as was possible. Some were easier than others. The main thing is I’ve taken the prompts and made them my own.  Opinions differ about the”Secret of Success”, I feel if I can nail the topic my way, that’s the secret of my success. Granted when my work is published, you wouldn’t find it crowded with comments,I’ll probably have one or at the most two. It really does not matter and it will not stop me to continue writing. The pleasure I derive from writing a paragraph or two each morning is enough for me to tell myself ,”I AM SUCCESSFUL’!

DP Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye Post by Ranu

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Franç...

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Français : Un paon faisant la roue. Basa Sunda: Merak midang, mébérkeun buntutna anu warna-warni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When an artists paints or sculpts or does etching,he imagines how his work should turn out,to please or wow the lover’s of art. When I look at art these things come to mind.

I happen to have a few paintings and etching that my husband and I bought. They are beautiful.We are fortunate enough to have them.There is a painting of a Japanese artist.I absolutely adore .

The main subject is the peacock. The colors are so realistic,it makes one think it is a photograph. The peacock is on the grass,its tail is spread out.There is the blue sky, the pink flower trees,the white pea hens,the flying black birds.The main attraction in this painting is the peacock with its beautiful tail. When you look at it the first time,the peacock’s feathers dazzles the eye,then you look for other things and you can notice that the pea hens are almost invisible. The red,white and the pink flowers add  the beauty of this particular painting.

This painting tells me the painter spent a lot of time,before he started. His work proves it.

DP Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation Posted by Ranu

When I go to an Art exhibition, I love viewing all the beautiful pieces of Art before me.I may pay a little more attention if it is someone who is renowned. I go to see art and it is not based on the artist’s life style or political affiliation. Sometimes I try to see how the artist has used colours and learn from it .

When I see an attractive piece of work I’ll buy it if I can afford it. I hope Art is not mixed up with politics,it’ll be a shame if it does.

DP Daily Prompt: Cringe Worthy

Once in the school where I taught the principal  decided to let my colleagues class have Art instead of mine. It was supposed to be the turn of my class.I sent mine on the particular time. Moments later they came back grumbling that the Art teacher sent them back. She was told that the french teacher’s class would have Art instead of mine. I was known as someone who lets everyone walk all over me  and I never say Boo.Mr. Principal was feeling quite comfortable doing this to me yet again. I had in seconds heard my mind saying,’squeaky wheel gets the grease’, I was livid,I wasted no time and arrived in the Principal’s office, this time I was making a case for my thirty children,who always look up to me.


Art (Photo credit: A.Currell)

I told him it was too bad her kids missed Art the previous week. I didn’t think it was  my fault  or my nine year old kids. The Principal had his mouth wide open,what Mrs.Asgar is complaining? Not knowing what to do because I was furious, he told me you can send your kids too. I felt uncomfortable doing what I did,but I couldn’t disappoint my kids. So this is one day I stood my ground.I was embarrassed at my behaviour.

Unattainable Birth

Rabindranath Tagore,has written a lot of poems,songs,prose, we Bengalis are fortunate to have a person like him. He has left us many years ago,we still remember him and adore him. The poem I am about to translate is my favourite.

“Unattainable Birth”

One day this meeting will come to an end,

My eyes will close for the last time.

The night will end and daylight will begin,

The awakened world will be followed by morning.

The business of the world will continue,

mankind will be spending their time with mirth and sorrow.

I remember all this while I look at the sky

I am watching all this eagerly.

Whatever I see nothing seems worthless,

Today I think everything that I see is unattainable.

Even the worst place on this earth seems hard to get,

The world’s most unsuccessful life is unattainable.

What I didn’t get can remain what I did get that too,

still give  me what I thought was worthless.

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)