Writing 101, Day Four: A story in a single image

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Crowd in transit station

For this use one of the images above as the creative spark for today’s post. You might use as the setting for a story or poem,write about how it makes you feel, or describe a memory conjured by it.

A crowd in transit station

Brings back memories of yesteryear

When I was a student with no care

Moving along without hesitation!


How wonderful those days had been

Makes me think if I could go back

And feel the warmth and view the scene

What more could I want from life’s sack!


But my mind tells me to look

For  my future and not the past

As wonderful as it was I should let it off the hook

It’s best to move on  and see   what comes at last!


Here I am today, watching travelers

Carrying over-sized bags and their umbrellas

In a hurry to get in before other passengers

I wish I can say, no worries   fellas!


There will be more trains

  For you to get on  board

If you miss this one do not strain

Be calm trust me  you I  assure!

……………………….. 🙂

Writing Prompt: Success 365 days

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.


My younger brother, Anis, was very competitive in his studies, he loved to come first in his exams. In their school if a student came first in the class exams,their name would be first in the class register, they didn’t use alphabetical order. 

My brother was very happy to have his name on top of all the names. 

One morning before going to school he told me to pray because his exam results would be out that day and he wanted his name to remain  on top of the list. I was certain he had nothing to worry and I assured him not to have any doubts.

It was after 5:30 pm, there was no sign of my brother, I started to have an eerie feeling perhaps my brother did not make it. I’m angry with myself when my optimism turns into pessimism. I kept hoping my thoughts were deceiving me.

Every few minutes I looked out the window and started pacing ,I was tired and sat down,suddenly I heard some voices outdoors, I looked out the window, the scene still haunts me,my brother was held by three of his friends,he was crying. I knew it was a bad sign.

One of them yelled out,”he missed the first place by two points, God he said I never cried this hard when I failed.”

Mom was concerned she immediately went to my brother’s school, she came back relieved and happy. She told me, “he came second.” I looked at her totally surprised, I said:

“Mom what did you think?”

“I thought he failed she said.”

My mother had no idea about her son’s ability!



DP Daily Prompt: What a Twist fiction Post by Ranu

Dressed in clothes that made him look like a saint,he knocked the door gently. The woman opened the door and saw an old man with rosary beads,he was repeating some Arabic prayer. The woman promptly let him in.She asked him what she could do for him. He was a religious man and seemed not aware what she asked him.She repeated again,finally he opened his eyes and replied, “I am tired, can I rest for a while and complete my prayer?” She was more than glad to oblige. He continued  to pray.

He introduced himself  as a Sufi coming from a country far away. He said he was instructed to come to her place by some Divine power. The woman called her daughter. The daughter felt flattered that they were the family picked by this saint. They quickly sent the servant to buy groceries. There were a lot of dishes cooked by the woman and her daughter. He was treated royally.

The mother and daughter were elated that they were the chosen one. Meanwhile the stranger showed them a corner of the room. He said it was where they will find treasure hidden long time ago.They must clean that corner and wait for further instruction by him, how they should retrieve it. The house was bought by the family a few years ago,they never heard anything about it,only it belonged to a Hindu family.They decided to move to Kolkata,so they were selling the house.

The saint found himself  amidst two individuals,who were ready to do anything he wanted. After staying for a couple of hours,he declared it was time for him to go.He reminded them to continue praying. The mother and daughter asked him if he wanted some money,he did not show any interest. The mother did not feel comfortable, she begged him to take the money and pray for her family.Reluctantly he agreed. Before leaving he told them he’d be visiting some holy places,he would pray for them and get some sweets for them.

Thinking it would require some money and the man was too nice to ask, the mother emptied her suitcase and gave him the money and continued to ask him to pray for her family. The man nodded gently and assured them he’d see them again soon.

With his bag full of money the stranger left, he went to a nearby town ,checked into a hotel. He was pleased to see his bag bursting in the seams with money he collected . All he had to do was disguise as a saint!