Auld Lang Syne and Tagore’s song: Purano shei…posted by Ranu

Auld Lang Syne and Tagore song Purano shei diner kautha. Tagore used the music of Auld Lang Syne in his Bengali song.

Purano shei diner kautha (Bengali lyrics) translated by Ranu.

Alas how can one forget the good old days!

All the time we spent having heart- to- heart discussion

Dear friend come one more time

So we can have those heart- to- heart discussion again

To console our mind.

Recall  the time we plucked flowers

In the early morning

And swinging in the hammock

We played the flute

And sang songs under

the flower tree.

There was a time we were separated

And went our separate ways

Now that we meet again,

let us have our heart- to- heart talk

in memory of the old days.

Alas how can one forget the good old days!