#Everyday Inspiration,Day Fifteen : Take a Cue from Your Reader

Day: Fifteen: Take a Cue from Your Reader

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.” unknown source from a fortune cookie

Have you ever felt awake, but in a dream?

Yes I did. My story is personal, sadly enough my siblings did not believe me.

Before I re-live my dream, I’d like to give a background of things that happened, which upset me.

One of my brothers’ died of cancer. Before his death he told my younger sister, he made her the beneficiary of his life insurance. He also mentioned upon his death she should share it with the other siblings.

I knew about it, a few months after this incidence my brother died. When I reminded my sister, she told the other siblings, I’m lying and the brother did not mention it to her.

I was upset she was too greedy to share the money, she took the papers, showed them to the siblings, said, ‘see your names are not here, all the money belongs to me.’

My husband said, ‘do not get involved in this, it’s your brother’s fault, he should have included all the names in his will, forget about it.’

It still bothered me. One night I was exhausted after the day’s work of teaching and taking care of my children I fell asleep early.
I did not know it was a dream, I heard the doorbell ring, I opened the door, waiting outside was my brother. He had a large blanket from head to foot.

I said, ‘Nuru where were you all night?’

He said, ‘I went to see a doctor, I was having trouble with constipation.’

I said, ‘Nuru, Minu said, I was lying that you said to share your insurance money; with the siblings.’

He smiled, he replied, ‘but I told her to divide the money and share it with the siblings.’

To me it seemed he really came to tell me, about the conversation he had with Minu.

After this dream, I remember when I opened my eyes it was exactly 6AM.

I told my husband. ‘You won’t believe what I dreamed.’

……………………………………………….. O……………………………………

Online Exhibition Painting with Music by Bangladesh Artists posted by ranu

Tagore Song    Translation by Ranu

I will sing for you.

This is why you keep me awake.

O spoiler of sleep,

I will sing for you.

This is why you startle me by your call.

O distressed one,I will sing for you.

Darkness is enclosing,

the bird is back in its nest.

The boat is ashore,

only my heart cannot rest.

In the midst of my work,

you did not let my weeping stop.

After touching me and

filling my heart with sweetness,

you move away,

I know you watch my pain secretly.

O distressed one,

I will sing for you.

This post is specially for Akhtar Bhai, Khurram Bhai,Robert, Shaidi and all the others who continuously encourage me. Thank you.

DP Daily Prompt: Turn,Turn,Turn posted by Ranu

View of St. John's, Newfoundland, from Signal Hill

View of St. John’s, Newfoundland, from Signal Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all those months of blizzard,freezing rain and lots of it. We in St.John’s look forward to sunny warm days. Visiting different parks,going for walks to signal hill,cooking outside,barbecuing,these are all the fun things,we can enjoy in Summer.We no longer have to turn up the heat, deal with short days,and freezing cold.We can wear clothes without the big Parka which makes us look like a bear.

Flag of St. John's

Flag of St. John’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer is the most wonderful season here.It doesn’t get hot like Chicago. We can see our neighbours and watch the little kids on their way to the playgrounds.Suddenly it seems the city is awake!

I also like it because there’s no fear of flights getting cancelled, for inclement weather.It gives us a lot of freedom to enjoy without fear,that it’s too cold,too stormy or something else.