The Daily Post : Awe

In response to daily post’s prompt: Awe


Wikipedia image of a Sumo wrestler


wikipedia image

Asashoryu_fight_Jan08.JPG (1046×861)

I was filled with wonder when I watched sumo wrestling on YouTube. It’s hard to imagine how they can move their huge body so fast. I’ve managed to get some info about sumo wrestlers.

Sumo wrestlers live in houses called stables. They eat their own special food. It’s called chankonabe, it is a stew served in a giant pot. Sumo wrestlers exercise in an empty stomach. They sleep after eating to keep on the fat.

There are a few rules of making their stew, it has to have a ton of protein, e.g., tofu, chicken, fish, beef and lots of veggies. Some wrestlers have superstitious about what kind of meat to use. Fish and cows is considered bad luck, because unlike chicken they don’t stand on two feet, like a good Sumo wrestler should. This is why those wrestlers use chicken as the only meat in their chankonabe(giant pot of stew).

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DP Daily Prompt: The Natural World Post by Ranu

I was able to enjoy nature first hand in my Grandpa’s village. My Grandpa was a lover of nature,he planted trees,flowers and all sorts of fruit trees he was able to find. His garden looked like a little park where we all could play,eat,run and enjoy ourselves.There was no fear of predators, wild animals or anything that could be a source of fear to us.It seems he built his garden for his grand kids,so we would be completely satisfied. And we did, it was sad Grandpa left us long before we visited, his beautiful house and garden.

We were in awe when we looked around this garden. We weren’t old enough to realize how much time Gramps spent building this place. We spent endless hours looking at the fruit trees,the flowers,they were a joy to behold.I wouldn’t mind spending any number of days in my Grandpa’s house and garden. A journey to a forest or a city simply cannot be compared with the fun we had in my maternal Grandpa’s place.