Daily Prompt: Baby

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Baby

Sophie female twelve weeks old

Sophie female twelve weeks old

When we got our baby feline she was eight weeks old,

She was cute, she was  cuddly and a joy to behold.

She was so   scared of our   felines,

One look at them caused her to hide ‘n  whine

In shape and size she could  fit in my palm

I thought Raph and Gabe would do her no harm

One day I noticed she was pooping on our bed

What if it continues I had a feeling of dread

My daughter said, ‘Mom something is wrong,

I must find out it won’t take too long.’

What we found out was strange indeed,

The litter box was blocked by our Siamese breed!

………………………………………. 🙂





365 Writing Prompts: Nightmares

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I do not recall a nightmare I had recently if I did it wasn’t scary enough for me to remember.

My aunt talked about a nightmare she had which turned out to be true. Her baby was sick, she stayed up all night to make him comfortable. She was exhausted for she was looking after him for several days. That particular night she dozed off, she dreamed someone was taking her baby away, she found herself crying when she opened her eyes. She quickly got up to see her son, there he was lying on the bed still!


Fiction: The bullock cart ride

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Amina was travelling to her home in the village,the only transportation she could use was a bullock cart, it was a very slow moving cart despite its two big  wheels.

She was expecting her  first child  any day, she took a terrible risk going to see her parents so close to giving birth, she was confident she’d make it home.

The driver of the cart assured her she’d be fine ,he’d take her to her parents home in a jiffy, the cart and the bulls were rolling along on the uneven dirt road of the village, hours and minutes were passing faster than the driver and his bullock cart, suddenly Amina felt a sharp pain, she didn’t know what it was,her husband noticed she looked very sickly,he kept yelling at the driver to hurry up, but the poor man was trying his best, he talked to the bulls he gave them a kiss but the bulls were going down the road leisurely.

Then it happened what Amina and her husband feared most the  baby was going to be born in the cart, Amina’s pain became more and more frequent.

She gave a loud scream, the driver looked back, stopped and said a prayer, then all one could hear was the cry of the infant!



Fiction: Secure

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Susan took her two and a half year old baby to preschool, the teacher assured her she’d be fine, there was no reason to worry.

She let go of her baby from her arms to Mrs.Locke’s, wondering if she was doing the right thing, the sudden cry of the baby, unnerved her, she turned around and walked towards the door, praying everything will work out.

Before leaving the yard she went to the door to see, there was her baby quietly sitting on the chair, coloring.

While at home she counted the hours, when  she’d walk back to bring her little one home.

To her surprise her baby was playing with her newly made friends, she felt a tear rolling  down her cheek, her baby wasn’t waiting to pick her up, she was secure with Mrs. Locke!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/fiction-secure

DP Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha Post by Ranu

English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl

English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When parents give us nick names,they forget one thing i.e we all grow up and the name becomes a cause of embarrassment in some cases.

Take the case of my brother Rafique,he is more than grown up now. If some one close to him calls him “Baby” in a public place like an airport,it is quite embarrassing.

Once we were at the airport waiting for our flight,one of the attendants, was calling our names,we went one at a time.Then he called,”Baby” my youngest brother,he was not given a name at that point. We all told Rafique, his nick name is ‘Baby’ that the attendant was calling him,he reluctantly stood up and complained that Dad,should not have written his nick name.He walked over to the desk.Flabbergasted the attendant, sized him up head to foot and blurted out,”Are you sure you are a Baby?” There we were laughing like lunatics. He warned us he will get us some day.That day has not arrived, perhaps it never will!

We did not let Rafique forget it.