Children at Data Durbar Complex

Children at Data Durbar Complex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shrine in lahore

Shrine in lahore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore

Food street Lahore
Food street Lahore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The second level of the Shalimar Gardens Also ...

English: A 4 Megapixel picture of Badshahi Mos...
English: A 4 Megapixel picture of Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aphie and Susan were interested in Mughal architecture.I knew they have already seen the ones in India.My idea was to take them to Lahore,and decide for themselves if there were any similarities and difference between Lahore and Delhi. I wanted them to visualize what they have seen in Delhi and compare it with Lahore.This might give us a chance to exchange ideas.We can also know our preferences.We know we all think differently,it would help to have a kind of debate on the subject.This way we can awaken the giant lying in all of us. Gepetto however was contented to see,enjoy and also from time to time give his input whenever it was feasible. We were satisfied with his reply.

Lahore is the capital of Punjab.It is the second largest city in Pakistan.It has a rich history going back over a millennium.Lahore was ruled by Shahi kingdoms in the eleventh century,Ghaznavids in the twelfth century,Mughal Empire in the sixteenth century.In the nineteenth and early twentieth century it was the capital of the Punjab region under the British Raj.

Mughal structures such as the Badshahi Mosque,The Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens and Mausolea of Jehangir and Nur Jehan are tourist attractions.It is also home to many British Colonial structures built in the Indo-Saracenic style,such as The Lahore High Court,The General Post Office,Lahore Museum,and many older universities including the University of Punjab.The Lahore zoo is,thought to be fourth oldest in the world,has its roots here.

It is known as the cultural heart of Pakistan.It hosts most of the arts,cuisine,festivals,film-making,music,gardening.It is known for its affiliation with poets and artists,It has the largest number of educational institutions in Pakistan and some of the finest gardens on the continent.It is an important religious centre.There are a lot of temples,mosques and shrines like Data Durbar Complex.

A 2010 government estimate puts the population of Lahore to be ten million.It is ranked thirtieth in the most populated urban areas in the world and the eighth largest city within the organization of Islamic co-operation.It has almost doubled area-wise in the last twelve to fourteen years.The Guardian has rated it as the second best tourist  destination in Pakistan.In the ancient days it was known as Lavapuri (or city of Lava in Sanskrit.It was founded by Lava or Loh. He was the son of Rama the Hindu deity.Even now ,Lahore fort has a vacant temple dedicated to Lava also pronouncedLoh,Loh-Awar or “The fort Of Loh”).

The twentieth century Egyptian Astronomer and Geographer mentions a city called Labokla .This probably is the ancient city of Lahore.The city of Lahore went through a lot of changes.It was ruled by a lot of different rulers. It is now a Pakistani city. It is also the capital of Punjab.

The climate of Lahore is hot and semi-arid.It has extremely hot summers and dry warm winters.

The Pakistan-Railways has its headquarter in Lahore.The central railway was built during the British Colonial era.It is located in the heart of the city. The government built a new city airport in 2003. It is named Allama Iqbal International Airport .It is named after the great,Poet-Philosopher of Pakistan. It also has a general aviation airport.

Punjabi is the native language of the Province. It has a number of hospitals,the current literary rate is 74%,

It is a beautiful city and has a variety of things to do and see. If possible one must try to visit this great city.

Susan,Alphie,Gepetto and I,Ranu had a great time in Lahore.If you are there,don’t forget to taste aaloo chholey.It is delicious.

We hope you all have enjoyed our presentation.Thank you for visiting. Thank you to all our friends,who take the time to leave their comments,what can I say they are a superb group of people!

Allah Hafiz and God bless you all,all the best till we meet again!

English: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore

English: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Punjab University Old Campus Buil...

English: The Punjab University Old Campus Building aka Allama Iqbal Campus Picture taken by Pale blue dot on June 21, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shalamar Gardens is a Persian garden built by ...

Shalamar Gardens is a Persian garden built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Badshahi Mosque,Lahore,Pakistan

All architectural elements in symmetrical harmony

All architectural elements in symmetrical harmony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 17th century Badshahi Mosque built by Mugh...

Pakistan_Lahore_mosquée-pr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the minarets of the Badshahi Mosque als...

English: A 4 Megapixel picture of Badshahi Mos...
English: A 4 Megapixel picture of Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Badshahi Mosque or the ‘Royal Mosque’in Lahore,was commissioned by Emperor Aurangzeb in 1671. The Mosque was completed in 1673. It is the second largest Mosque in Pakistan and South Asia.It is the fifth largest in the world. It epitomizes the beauty,passion and grandeur of the Mughal era. It is Lahore’s most famous landmark and a major tourist attraction.

It can accommodate five thousand worshippers in its main prayer hall and another ninety-five thousand in its courtyard and porticoes.It was the largest mosque  in the world from 1673-1986 until the completion of the Faisal mosque in Islamabad.It still is the second largest in Pakistan and South Asia.

To appreciate its large size,the four minarets of the mosque 13.9 ft. taller than those of the Taj Mahal.The courtyard of the Badshahi mosque is the largest in the world.

The architecture and design of the mosque closely resembles the smaller Jami mosque in Delhi, India.The Jami Mosque was built by Aurangzeb’s father Shah Jahan in 1648.

There was a considerable amount of damage under the Sikh rule.The huge courtyard was used as stable for his horses.The small study rooms were used as quarters for his soldiers. Ranjit Singh used the enclosed garden as his official  Royal court of audience.

Mosque under the British rule it continued to be used as a military garrison.The British however sensed the resentment of the Muslims.They set up the Badshahi  Mosque Authority in 1852 to oversee the restoration and return the mosque to the Muslims as a place for religious worship. Extensive repairs began from 1939  onwards.

In 1993 the government of Pakistan recommended the inclusion of Badshahi Mosque as a World Heritage Site in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The Badshahi Mosque has architecturally influenced the design of the following mosques:  Sheikh Zayed Mosque,Abu Dhabi  UAE;  Sir Syed Masjid,Aligarh,India,    Taj-ul-Masajid, Bhopal, India.

I was fortunate enough to see this mosque. It is worth seeing!