Tagore Song : Shandhya holo go o ma, singer Hemanta , posted and translated by Ranu


I have copied the male and female voices to show how it sounds.

I found this song this morning, I had to listen to it a few times to figure out the lyrics. It’s a song that evokes a melancholic mood.

This is how it begins:

Oh mother it is evening

It’s evening hold me

In this deep darkness

Let  your tenderness

Drown and cool me

It’s evening mother

Take it back, take it back

Everything is lost somewhere

Let this scattered life

Gather in your darkness

It’s evening mother

I don’t want my life to be visible

Anywhere outside you

Let your night unite

My  life’s beam of light

Surround me and kiss me

Only you, only you

Take whatever is on my mind

Oh mother make it yours and

carry it away!

…………………………….. 🙂