Writing Prompt: Comedy of Errors

“Beverly my darling wake up now you only have a half hour to get ready,have breakfast and run to catch the bus,”

her Mom bellowed !

“But It’s too short a time to do all that,can I skip school today?”

“No You certainly cannot” her Mom yelled.

Beverly was having not so great a day,her alarm clock didn’t work, she was late getting up,Mom wouldn’t give her a break.So what if she skipped school just one teensy- weensy day, she thought. She grumbled through getting dressed, ¬†eating breakfast, now she has to literally run so she does not miss that miserable bus, she was angry. As she was running she saw the bus whiz by her to the stop. She raised both her arms for the driver to stop a few more minutes so she could catch up and get on the bus.

As luck would have it,the bus driver was having a bad day,he refused to stop until Beverly could catch up. Tears came rolling down her cheeks, Why was this happening to her, why does everyone hate her.

She realized she does not have enough time to pout,she needs to get herself together and run fast before the school bell rang. When she was almost in the school,the bell rang , she dropped her school bag on the mud. She had to clean it or else Mrs. Hilton will lose her mind.

It happened what she was afraid of she was ten minutes late. Mrs. Hilton was furious, she said, “Beverly you’ll have to stay after school ,this is your punishment for coming in late to school.”

Could this day be any worse? she told herself.

What will happen when she goes home late today she wondered, maybe to add to my misery Mom wouldn’t leave any food for me.

“Okay God, looking up she said, can you see I’m not punished anymore,I’m tired and hungry.”

She cried some more,suddenly she heard a loud screech, she looked up and there was her Dad looking at her.

“Beverly what happened I was so worried when you didn’t come home I had to go looking for you,I am so glad I ¬†found you.Let’s go home,dinner is ready,your Mom is waiting,”he said.

The thought of food and Mom wouldn’t punish her felt so good, She burst out crying,and said ,”Oh Dad I’m so exhausted, I want to go home.”

Thus ended Beverly’s bad luck!

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