NaBloPoMo Nov. 24th Procrastination Ranu’s post

I am Procrastinating by Taking a Procrastinati...

I am Procrastinating by Taking a Procrastination Test: I scored as an Above Average Procrastinator (Photo credit: Tricia Wang 王圣捷)

I read this many times and always loved to repeat it,”Procrastination is the thief of time”.Somewhere in that line I sensed a musical tune. Someone who is over-anxious and always ready to please,a teacher,a colleague or a boss, would say you have lost your mind,how do you hear anything musical, the words clearly tell you what it means. How can you not understand it? But I do, I like the thought of leaving everything for tomorrow.

Here are some things I must do. I haven’t done yet. Everyday I tell myself I have to start writing those Christmas cards. I bought them in October,November is almost on its way out.I am still waiting for a good day. Whether that day will come or not I don’t know.

Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators,they leave everything till the last day. Am I in that group,I hope not?I have to mail my cards,it’s November 24th,exactly one month left for Christmas.If I fail to write them,my friends will not get them on time.I have to start today.

I am told there are three variants of procrastination.You could work on (a) nothing (b) something less important (c) something more important.At this moment getting the cards ready to mail is a priority.Reading Paulo’s latest book will have to wait another few days.It’s on my shelf for at least a year another week won’t make much difference.

It seems I am the kind of procrastinator who works on the small stuff and leaves the big stuff for later e.g leaving Paulo’s book to read later and send the cards now. If I think of mailing and the time it needs to get to its destination,it is more urgent than reading Paulo’s book.

This is when I think  it is a bad habit which needs to be fixed. I hope I can start improving my organisational skills,or else I’ll lose all my friends and Paulo’s latest will keep on collecting dust. O my it was such a chore writing all this!