Tagore song: keno jamini na jete jagalena posted and translated by Ranu

Why did you not awaken me?

Before the night ended.

My shame incapacitates my legs

To walk on this path.

Sick at heart the flower is

Clinging to life while withering.

Why did you not awaken me?

Before the night ended.

The lamp is relieved, it’s job

Is done as it is extinguished

By the dawn’s breeze.

The moonlight prays for shelter

At the corner of the sky.

The bird announces daybreak

The bride walks gingerly

With her pail to fetch water.

I anxiously cover my hair

While I wonder how will I

Walk in such a state in the

Middle of this path.

Why did you not awaken me?

Before the night ended!



: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/tagore-song-ke…jete-jagalaena/


Fiction: Flight

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This week’s word: FLIGHT


Amanda and her brother John were playing on the sand in the beach, John loved the bright blue sky , he looked up and saw a bird soaring above in the sky, he was excited, he ran to his sister, he called, “Mandy, look at the bird, up in the sky , isn’t it gorgeous?”

In the evening John’s mind was occupied   about that bird he saw, he wondered if he could also fly like that bird, his parents noticed John, he was never so quiet, what happened at the beach they asked him: ” I saw a bird way up in the sky, do you think I can travel through the air like it?”

At first the parents were confused by his question, then the mother said, ‘yes we can also fly by plane!’

“It’s not the same, I want to feel the air like the bird!” he replied.

John’s interest in flying introduced him to ‘Hang Gliders’,he knew he was not old enough but he’d gather enough information about hang gliding, years went sailing by he did not give up his thirst, this was going to be his career, eventually he became a seasoned competition pilot in hang gliding,his passion took him to many places, one day Amanda saw a hang glider in the sky, she screamed, “look Mom I can see John Hang gliding, Wow!




Bengali Song olir o kautha Bengali Song, Post and translation by Ranu, https://sabethville.wordpress.com

The flower laughs when the bumblebee speaks,
You don’t laugh when I speak.

Spring greets Earth and touches it,
But you never come close to me.

High above, the clouds float and embrace the sky,
You don’t embrace me even in my dreams.

The moonlight brightens the dark sky,
But your light never reaches my heart.

The bird lovingly calls its partner to the nest,
But your voice is silent.

nazrul song sung by ferdous ara post and translation by Ranu

Do not love me only

love my song too

Who keeps track of the bird

in the forest,

when the singing stops?

Love my song too

Who wants the moon

everyone tests the moonlight

At the end of the song

the flute lies in the

middle of dust.

You will never understand

how many lamps are burned

to give off light.

Love my song too

do not love me only.

The thorny creepers

grow from tears and

blossom into flowers.

You take the flowers

what do you give in return

in the empty vessel?

The thirsty quench their thirst

from the river water,

does anyone think how

thirsty the heart of the river is

from the pain of the ocean?

Do not love me only

love my song too.

Online Exhibition Painting with Music by Bangladesh Artists posted by ranu

Tagore Song    Translation by Ranu

I will sing for you.

This is why you keep me awake.

O spoiler of sleep,

I will sing for you.

This is why you startle me by your call.

O distressed one,I will sing for you.

Darkness is enclosing,

the bird is back in its nest.

The boat is ashore,

only my heart cannot rest.

In the midst of my work,

you did not let my weeping stop.

After touching me and

filling my heart with sweetness,

you move away,

I know you watch my pain secretly.

O distressed one,

I will sing for you.

This post is specially for Akhtar Bhai, Khurram Bhai,Robert, Shaidi and all the others who continuously encourage me. Thank you.

DP Daily Prompt:Your Time To Shine….post by ranu

Early Bird or Night Owl:   I am an early bird.I cannot stay up past ten o clock at night. Every day I wake up by 5:30 in the morning. Sometimes a bit earlier. This is a habit I have from a very early age. When I get up early morning there are a whole slew of things I can accomplish.  My brain works better .I can comprehend a lot faster.

Once my roommate said by going to bed early I am at a disadvantage compared to my other classmates. They study till two in the morning ,they are getting a lot done she said. I tried it for me and at a very poor time. I had my final year exams in the university. I chose to stay up till 1:30 am. When I went to do the exam,I felt sick.I almost thought I will never make it. I gathered all of my will power and promised myself it would be the last time I’ll do such a thing. I was lucky I passed.

So I’m an early bird and doing quite well maintaining it.