Daily Prompt: Neophyte

In response to one word prompt : Neophyte

As a Neophyte the infant’s world is rather small,

His mother, his nurse, his busy father that’s all.

In his early days he embraces   his precious Mom,

She feeds him, changes him and keeps him calm.

The days turn to months and then to years,

His world gets larger and with it the fears.

Who are these people he wonders out loud,

Why  is there such a strange crowd.

‘It’s your birthday,’ someone shouts,

‘I know mom and dad, what’s birthday,’ he pouts.

The crowd brings him presents and sings,

‘Happy birthday to our king of kings.’

‘I want to sleep, he tells his mother,

Tell them to go away, he yells, father !’

…………………………….. 🙂

365b Writing Prompts: Out of your reach

Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child , during the holidays or on your birthday but never received? Tell us about it.

I always asked for very simple things, my parents always fulfilled my wish. I recall once I saw some of our neighborhood kids playing with a tennis ball. I don’t know why I thought I must have one too.

In the evening when my Dad returned from work, he was hardly inside the door of our house, I stopped him and asked him if I could have a tennis ball, he immediately turned around and bought four tennis balls, one each for my other siblings and me.

Now when I think of that day, I wonder why I didn’t wait to ask my Dad later, he must have been tired, or hungry.


DP Daily Prompt: It’s your party

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the Us today, we wanted to ask : How do you celebrate yours?Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low key birthday boy/girl?

How I celebrate my country’s birthday depends on where I am at the time, if I’m in a big city I go out and watch the celebration, but if I am in my city , there ‘s only  a few fire works which I watch from my home.

We do have TV programs which is enjoyable. I watch them and welcome with others the birthday celebration. No I don’t have a big bash, I am more of a low key person.


DP Daily Prompt: Time after Time

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My favorite tradition was baking a cake celebrating the birthdays. We had five birthdays to celebrate, each on a different month. Our menu was more or less the same.

I cooked rice, chicken, beef and a vegetable. The main attraction was the cake. I made sure we cut the cake after supper, or else the kids wouldn’t eat supper.

Then we all had gifts for the person whose birthday it was.

It’s not the same anymore now we are only two and it’s not as exciting as it was when there were five of us with some family friends.


DP Daily Prompt: Shake it Up

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It’s kind of ironic that I am supposed to write about my twelfth birthday. For starters I did not have a birthday party. I remember a few days after my birthday, well, I can still visualize the day as if it happened only yesterday.

On the twenty second day after my birthday, my father’s condition suddenly worsened . We were playing outside completely unaware what was happening inside the house,until I heard a loud scream. We rushed inside, my Dad was on the bed trying to say something to my brother, who was holding my Dad’s hand and telling him not to go. After a few minutes all was quiet,my eldest brother was on his way to get a doctor,by the time he came with the doctor, my Dad stopped breathing.

The doctor examined my Dad and said , “I am sorry, it’s too late!” My brother asked him how much was his fees.

He looked at him and said, “I do not take money from a dead man.”

Our home was a scene of sadness ,my Mom was crying and reading the Qur’an , my sister kept crying and said, “I am so sorry I wasn’t home when he died, I couldn’t say goodbye to him.”

We were numb we did not understand what death meant, I and my younger siblings did not realize it was final, Our Dad will never come back.

Then my brother wanted to know from our mom, what should we do next. My mom wanted us to leave the place and go to Bangladesh our original home.

The preparation took six months. We left Rawalpindi by air. We stayed in Dhaka for a few days and went to my maternal grandpa’s village. We lived in his house for almost a year, my eldest brother went to Comilla a small town to buy a house for us to live.

We moved to Comilla which became our permanent home.


DP Daily Prompt: RSVP

English: Choc Rose Cake

English: Choc Rose Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Birthday Party

To Valerie:  You are invited to celebrate  Mila’s birthday on June 12th,2013. I have invited Debbie and her two daughters, Jennifer and Danielle. Also invited are Mila’s friends from school. All of them are coming. In all there will be twenty guests.Please let me know at your earliest,if the date is suitable for you. The party will be in my house.

The menu for the party is as follows:  Chicken Biriyani; Seekh Kebab; Potato Chops; Yoghurt Salad; I’ll also make Parathas;there will be mango pickle and coriander chutney.

For dessert I have ordered a chocolate cake. I am also planning to make,gulab jamun,rasgullah and rus malai.

For beverage it will be some cold drinks and tea and coffee.

I hope you will come. We will have a good time. For entertainment , some of our guests have volunteered to sing.

RSVP:   Regrets only

Chaman Asgar

Elizabeth Avenue