Daily Prompts: Fright Night

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What’s the last thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

Winter to me can be very scary, the blizzard, ice on the pavement, driveway and  streets; keeps me from going out. I’m contented to stay home, rather than walk on ice.

The news on the radio about slippery roads and that the citizens should be careful, frightens me. My biggest fear is falling and breaking my arms or legs, this fear in me is the reason why I prefer to stay  indoors.

I cannot believe there is anything that can possibly make me walk on ice unassisted.

……………………………. 🙂


365 Writing Prompts: Impossible

“Why sometimes I’ve believed impossible things before breakfast.” the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.What are the six impossible things you believe in( if you can manage only one or two, that’s okay.)

It’s 17th March, I looked out the window and wished the snow has disappeared, peace in the world, warm days, and happy faces.

March 17th I’m sitting in front of my computer, I am thinking, are we done with the blizzard that shut down the whole city, the driveways blocked with snow, the majestic plows, clearing the streets and blocking the end of our  driveway with heavy blocks of snow. My daughter clearing piles of snow for hours. How long are we going to deal with this scenario.

Peace in the world seems like a fairy tale, there is no end to fighting and killing, how long will Satan continue to show his evil ways?

The thought of warm days  gardening, pretty flowers, green grass feels like a dream at this moment. The snow banks are so high, I cannot imagine it will disappear any time soon. Still I hope one day I’ll wake up and hear the delightful chirping of birds, the lawn care people busy mowing the lawn and I waiting to give them the cheque for the work they’ve done.

I long to see the happy faces of children going to school with their moms wearing bright clothes, it’s one beautiful moment I miss this day!


DP Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

After a winter blizzard, loss of power, cold house,    craving for warmth my definition of happiness has changed.

I had the most awful experience yesterday January 4th 2014.  We had a blizzard, the wind was blowing at  110 K.m/h an hour, heavy snow and to make matters worse we lost our power.

Lucky for me I had my breakfast before the power was turned off by the city. It lasted for over seven hours. The house was cold and there was danger of pipes freezing. I remember sitting in my living  room trying to read. My hands were frozen in the house. I put on my gloves,it was difficult to turn the pages.

Today the power was off again for an hour and a half.  They’re calling it a rolling blackout.  Fortunately the sun is shining,the wind has stopped blowing and there is no snow falling. This to me is Happiness. I feel like singing out loud, Happy Happy Joy Joy. We are warm today.