Five sentence fiction: Diversions

Lillie McFerrin Writes

After the disappointing run at the Boston marathon, Patricia needed some kind of distraction to get over her failure to complete the marathon run.

She was disheartened by her friend Tracy, whose letter at the last minute destroyed her confidence.

Her mother suggested she could spend some time with her cousin Andrea, Andrea was an accomplished pianist ,  she volunteered to give Pat   piano lessons.

The two liked each others company, Pat was doing well  in the  lessons better  than anyone her cousin had taught, within a year Pat was playing the piano well enough to compete in the yearly music festival.

Pat registered in the competition, her cousin warned her not to expect too much,  “enjoy playing for the audience,” Andrea told her cousin, Pat learned from her earlier failure in the marathon  not to expect too much,  she entered  the competition without any expectation, the audience loved her performance, , the adjudicator was impressed with her showing, he placed her third, everything went well, Patricia  gave up running  and  concentrated on becoming an accomplished pianist  like her cousin!

……………………….. 🙂

Fiction: Steam

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Patricia told her mom she’d like to run the Boston marathon, mother wasn’t sure Pat was trained enough, even though she qualified for the marathon.

Mom was   one  of those people who’d never think of discouraging her kid.

Mother and daughter reached  Boston two days before the marathon, Patricia was confident she’d be able to do well.

On the day of the marathon she received a very discouraging letter, it was from her best friend Tracy, she wrote, it was a very difficult course, she doubts Pat will be able to complete it.

Patricia read the letter several times, she could not believe Tracy would discourage her, she tried to ignore the contents of the letter, she started the run , she’d reached halfway, when she felt terrible cramps, she began to limp, finally a gust of wind blew her off course she fell down, she did not have enough strength to continue!



Lillie McFerrin Writes

Jamie got ready,picked up his bag to go to the gym, he  missed a lot of time due to sickness ,it was important to go back to his daily routine of fitness exercises, after all he only had three months left to participate in the Boston Marathon.

He knew his coach would discourage him to join with the rest of his friends, he felt a few days of sickness should not be a deterrent, he was fine and confident,the time he lost without practice ,would be easy to make up.

On his way to the gym he met his friend Isaac, he  looked bright and healthy, there was a slight discomfort in Jamie’s mind, would he be able to make it, he brushed off the negative thought and walked with his friend, he was happy to meet Isaac who was an optimist.

On the way they discussed the race, how many of their friends were going, were they able to train properly, where will they stay, it was settled the coach had made arrangements to stay in a hotel nearby Isaac told him.

The day of the marathon ,Jamie was extremely nervous, his parents came to cheer him on,nothing seemed right, he was never nervous before, what was going on he asked himself, another friend Tom came to wish him luck , Jamie could not gather enough courage to tell Tom he may not be able to finish the race!