Daily Prompt: Object

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Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Little Ann was running around her lawn, suddenly she fell and hurt herself, she was crying for her mom to come and help her instead she saw a shiny object on the ground. She picked it up and rubbed her hand on it, to her dismay she saw a little boy  looking at her.

She was so terrified she threw the object on the ground, instead of the boy she heard a little voice, “Don’t throw me please, I’ll   get whatever you want.”

Ann cried, she said, “I want my Mom.”

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she saw her Mother running towards her, Ann cried louder,’Mom, she said, I fell down and hurt myself.”

Her mom picked her up brought her inside  and laid on  her  bed. Ann looked for the object on her bed it wasn’t there. She cried and told her mother to look for it.

“But I don’t know what you are talking about,” she said.

Ann yelled, “it is a shiny object, you must find it, it has magical powers, mom go out to the lawn, I’m sure it’s still there!”

Outside on her lawn, Ann’s mom found two kittens playing with something shiny. She took the shiny object and said, “I wonder if this is what Ann is looking for, it’s only a round thing what can she do with it, she was about to throw it, when she heard a voice, “Please don’t throw me away, I’m a little boy, the evil magician turned me into a stone because I didn’t listen to him. I promise I will stay with you and play with Ann.”

Ann’s mom brought the stone inside and gave it to Ann. Ann was delirious, she started tossing the stone in the house outside the house until it broke into pieces.

Along came the magician picked up the pieces, before he left he said, “You silly girl look what you’ve done,now I have to put these pieces together, use my magic to bring the boy alive and take him to his parents, they promised to give me a huge award, see you little girl,I wish you will have another boy to play with. For now make your imagination work for you,bye!

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Writing 101: fifteen minutes free writing

The clock is adjusted , I am ready to write. I am going on a journey, the sun is shining, the day is looking bright. I will follow the sun and see where I will end up.

It’s an early morning sun, the birds are flying about welcoming the beautiful day and I am walking breathing in the lovely pure air. I see a small hut yonder, will I go to see who lives there, yes my mind is made up.I am walking the path seems endless, if I was Tagore I’d make up a poem for everyone to read. I cannot, although I love reading poems and memorizing them. I failed to develop the skill of writing poetry.

I should not be distracted my aim is the hut, the little one. How much longer is the path I ask myself,who knows I’ve never walked along this path.

Wait now I’m almost there, I see a little boy playing with his spin top, it’s a very inexpensive toy, I tell you truthfully the pleasure you get from this little man made device is equal to none. I’m distracted again, I was talking about the boy.Oh look he is waving out to me, I must find out why.

Here I am he is showing me his top, he tells me he got it last night before he went to bed. This is his being good gift, he wants me to play with him, Okay I say,” but I cannot spin it like you , can you teach me?”

The boy replies, “it’s easy , I will teach you.”

I spent a full twenty minutes but could not spin it the way he did.

Time’s up  the clock says!


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/writing-101-fi…s-free-writing


DP Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

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Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you would have hoped.

This incidentally is something that happened in my school.We the grade four teachers were planning to stage a play. There was no problem selecting the minor characters in the play. The problem was who can we select for the main role.

Keeping in mind there were five grade four classes and each teacher might want to have one of her pupils play the part.

I took a cursory glance at all the boys in my class. I was certain I have the kid who was perfect for the part. To see their reaction , I said , “I know I have someone who will be the best for the part.”

Immediately all hands went up , “Miss please tell us who is it?”

I did not want the boy to have his hopes up, I simply replied, “I can’t the other teachers may not agree with me.”

For the next few days I kept hoping that one of the teachers’ will notice.

Sure enough one of them came to me and said, “I have thought about it, you have the boy who is suitable for the main part.”

I was thrilled not only someone from my class was picked for the role, also I was right he was the only one fit to play the part! 🙂