Reincarnation : Memories, posted by Ranu

Sometimes my brain needs a jog

Believe me at times it likes to fog

It happened to me yesterday

Reincarnation was the word this day

I was going out of my mind

Thinking my brain needs to unwind

I sat down and thought

What am I doing wrong?

I took a minute and sang a song

I felt my brain suddenly woke up

Sorry Ranu I took a break

Do not worry for heaven’s sake

I am one of your machines

Perhaps you had too much caffeine

Forgive me if I want some rest

It’s the only way I perform my best!

………………………………………………………….. ūüôā (:

Why Do I Write

I write to improve my writing. I write to help my thought process flowing. My aim is to be able to write a story without thinking too much, what to write, but pick a topic and start writing, if I can successfully do it. I’d think I’m ¬†improving my skills. I refuse to sit and think for an hour ¬†about the topic at hand but to be able to write without any problems.

As I continue to write I want to ¬†get the feeling, I have accomplished the skill. To me more I write better I feel, yes I agree I will make mistakes, I want to tell myself it’s a natural process which is why I must edit my writing.

Writing helps my brain to function properly, I do not want my brain to become rusty because I’m under using it. It also helps my memory to stay sharp.

Writing 101,Day Nine: Reinvent the letter format

Today, write your post as a letter. Approach it in any way you’d like.

This is a letter to my ,”Thoughts.”

Dear Thoughts(or should I address you as someone who constantly reads between the lines),

No matter how I address you, I must remind you ¬†stop making my mind confused by your continual claim that so n’ so does not like me.

What made you think that? Is it by reading this person’s comment on my last post? Maybe it seemed like that to you; I really do not agree. There are times my readers decide after reading the post, they would handle the topic differently. It’s their reasoning, so please refrain from putting ideas in my head.

If I listen to you every time you make me believe someone doesn’t like me. I won’t have any friends. You are persistently messing up my brain. If you are unable to send positive vibes to me;leave me alone. I am pretty sure I can take care of myself.

Best wishes,





DP Daily Prompt: Careless Whisper

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

Regrets? Yes I have some. I always feel that sometimes what I feel doesn’t always stay in my brain ,but I cannot wait to let it known the moment the thought enters my brain.

It doesn’t make me feel any better, as my conscience starts working full time, telling me it was a dumb thing to do.

When I was ¬†very young my older sister often ridiculed me in front of her friends. She’d question me where I was, she thought if she constantly reminded me I do not study enough, like her I’d sit with a book 24/7. I was never one to hide behind a book, I did my own thing I played, watched my mother cook, I sat with my dad and asked all sorts of questions about anything that came to mind.

My sister would sit with her books all day.Now that I think about it , she didn’t really study all the time,she certainly wanted to impress my Dad.

One day as usual she started criticizing ¬†about my study habits, I was fifteen at that time, she had already completed her masters degree, when she wouldn’t keep quiet, I said,”One day I’d also get my masters degree and when that happens ,no one will ask a few years later what class each of us got to make a comparison, they’d only say,good for you Ranu, you also got the degree we are proud of you.”

She was so surprised she could not say another word. Did I regret for being so bold, I did not, I was proud of myself for finally telling her off!

DP Daily Prompt: FAQ Ranu’s post

The Nocturnal Silence

The Nocturnal Silence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nocturnal Flame

Nocturnal Flame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I interviewed my friend:

Ranu : When do you find time to write?

Friend: I write at night.

Ranu: When do you sleep?

Friend: I sleep during the day.

Ranu: Are you saying you are nocturnal.

Friend: I am not saying,these days I am nocturnal. You see all the humans sleep at night,it’s a perfect time for me to let my creative juices flowing. No whining or complaints from my better half or offspring. Life is wonderful. I enjoy interacting with my imaginary characters,they help me with my writing,these are the moments, ‘I say God is great’.

Ranu: ¬†O I see, nights are peaceful for you,I’ll have to jot this down,it will help me to bother you,when you are deep in thought.

Friend: I am glad you slipped, I’d remember to turn my wringer off.

Ranu: Aren’t you bored writing at night at the cost of your sleep?

Friend: Did you say, “Bored”? No certainly not, I have a whale of a time,really,I do.Try it sometimes.

Ranu: Try it, are you kidding,you mean sleep during the day and work at night? For starters, I cannot miss breakfast and lunch,then I love peddling on the stationary bike, check my mail and so many other cool things,which you miss every day.

Friend: How do you know you won’t love what I do,unless you try.

Ranu: Listen my friend,I have a hard enough time writing ‘nablopomo and daily prompt daily,you think I am crazy to spend some more time writing at night. My brain stops thinking when the clock strikes 10:00 PM. Thanks for your advice.Enjoy,”WRITING”.

This post is dedicated to my best friend on this planet.

DP Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky Post by Ranu

Writing prompts to me is an useful exercise and can be sneaky. Take for example, the one I did yesterday about the last song I heard.I had to pick the third line and make it my post. This required a lot of pondering on my part. I tested a few,the third line was not helping me to write anything.I did write something,I felt as if the topic was taking me where I did not want to go.

It was a question of ,’Should I skip it or attempt it?’ Then the thought why not I pick a song from a language I know and translate it. To my surprise what I came up with was amazing. I ended up writing about the dearest person in the world. Although I had to exercise my brain,mind whatever you call it, the result was heartening for me. I was able to write about my Dad.The satisfaction I got from it was tremendous.

The prompts can be a little sneaky as well.There are prompts where I wrote about myself,my likes,dislikes the whole bit. It seemed at times I was writing my autobiography unconsciously. This is the part I’d call sneaky.

To sum up I must say,I enjoy writing the prompts.If I had to think of what to write, I wouldn’t write one every day.The fact I get help is truly remarkable,sneaky or not.

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates,you never know what you’re gon na get” Forrest Gump.A title from the movie

I am thinking I picked the coolest title to write about.Did I just admit that? Now wait a minute,Ranu ,why do you think that? Is your imagination perked up, nothing is automatic in life? Yes technologically we are way ahead with machines,they all seem to have that feature called,”Automatic”.I am sad to admit my brain does not fall in that category.

I was always advised not to talk or write shop,but this is my only hope.I have spent countless moments teaching,surely I can find  something befitting for this title.

It was the month of September,a new school year,like my colleagues I was waiting to see the kids that were assigned for me to teach. Soon enough I hear the vice principal’s announcement, ‘You are in Mrs. Asgar’s class’ these words were followed by a line of thirty kids marching into my classroom.I watched them as they walked past me.Like a box of chocolates,they were assorted,boys, girls,happy,sad,indifferent ,they were in different sizes and shapes. My job was to teach them and not worry about their size.There was one thing that caught my eye,the indifferent girl.This meant either it was my impression or she really didn’t look excited about school. Could it be, I did not look like the other teachers, I was from Bangladesh,wearing a sari,which she did not see before,then again my pronunciation may be a problem. I thought about all these things in a matter of seconds.

I took out the register and called each ones name.Nearly all of them acknowledged their presence,except miss indifferent. I always knew,if there is a problem,’you nip the evil in the bud.’ I tried to put my brain in auto mode,but nothing was happening,if it was a machine all I had to do was click to ‘On’ position and the machine would do the rest. My brain refused to co-operate. A week went by and I couldn’t find an easy solution. I did what I thought was the best way of dealing with the situation.I told the principal about my concern.He looked at me and smiled,(I was thinking is he smiling because it’s too early to be confronted with this kind of problem?) I don’t know what he thought but I am faced with a kid who might become a problem for me. His suggestion was to make an appointment With her parents. I saw the parents a week later,,without losing a second I told them what was on my mind.Her mother smiled and told me, she expected a call when her child first started school,five years ago,since no one called she thought her daughter was doing fine.For her it wasn’t something she didn’t expect,but why it took so long. It seems she did not like school,since she was five years old.She could not enjoy the summer months,after summer she will have to go to school,thinking about it made her feel unhappy.this was the case every year. I didn’t have to feel it was my dress or anything else,it was the word school that gave her the feeling of nausea.With the help of her parents,I was able to change her ill-feeling of school. After this I saw ,’Miss Indifferent’ with a beautiful smile on her face every morning,always ready to do her school-work.

My box of chocolate had a tiny one that gave me a bitter taste in my mouth,but became sweeter as the days and months went by. “Mama dear I agree life is like a box of chocolates.You never know what you’re gonna get”, I lucked out mine had one bitter chocolate,but I was able to fix it before it became too late!