Daily Prompt : Branch

In response to prompt : Branch

Old Fashion Tree Swing

When I asked my Dad for a swing. He got his chaprasi to install one for me on the branch of one of our trees.

I had loads of fun swinging on this old fashion swing.

This is a YouTube video, my Dad’s helper used the same materials, like rope, branch of a tree and a wooden plank. The only difference is how he tied the rope on the branch of a tree!

…………………………….. 🙂

Tagore song: ekhoni ki holo tomar jabar bela

Is it time for you to leave already,

Oh my dear stranger,

Look into my heart

I have arranged all night

to have a seat for you.

Hesitatingly you came

perhaps to ask for something.

Silently in the twilight you

played with my thoughts.

You failed to express

the expectation you brought.

The bird sat on the edge of the branch

forgot to build its nest.

We met , we  didn’t recognize ,

you  had questions, but  didn’t ask

Why did you neglect

your own  desire?

Oh my dear stranger!