Fiction: Flight

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This week’s word: FLIGHT


Amanda and her brother John were playing on the sand in the beach, John loved the bright blue sky , he looked up and saw a bird soaring above in the sky, he was excited, he ran to his sister, he called, “Mandy, look at the bird, up in the sky , isn’t it gorgeous?”

In the evening John’s mind was occupied   about that bird he saw, he wondered if he could also fly like that bird, his parents noticed John, he was never so quiet, what happened at the beach they asked him: ” I saw a bird way up in the sky, do you think I can travel through the air like it?”

At first the parents were confused by his question, then the mother said, ‘yes we can also fly by plane!’

“It’s not the same, I want to feel the air like the bird!” he replied.

John’s interest in flying introduced him to ‘Hang Gliders’,he knew he was not old enough but he’d gather enough information about hang gliding, years went sailing by he did not give up his thirst, this was going to be his career, eventually he became a seasoned competition pilot in hang gliding,his passion took him to many places, one day Amanda saw a hang glider in the sky, she screamed, “look Mom I can see John Hang gliding, Wow!