Tagore Song: bhalobeshe shokhi posted and translated by Ranu

Bhalobeshe shokhi nibhrite jotone: Dear friend write my name lovingly ,secretly and carefully in your mind’s temple

amaar naamti likho

তোমার মনের মন্দিরে ।
আমার পরানে যে গান বাজিছে তাহার তালটি শিখো- Let your feet learn the rhythm of the song in my heart
তোমার চরণমঞ্জীরে ।।
ধরিয়া রাখিয়ো সোহাগে আদরে আমার মুখর পাখি- Hold on to my talkative bird with love in your palace courtyard
তোমার প্রাসাদপ্রাঙ্গণে ।
মনে ক’রে, সখী, বাঁধিয়া রাখিয়ো আমার হাতের রাখী-Remember to leave the colored thread I gave you tied on your wrist
তোমার কনককন্কণে ।।
আমার লতার একটি মুকুল ভুলিয়া তুলিয়া রেখো-Keep one bud of my creeping plant tied on the curl of your hair
তোমার অলকবন্ধনে।
আমার স্মরণ-শুভ-সিন্দুরে একটি বিন্দু এঁকো- In my memory draw one dot of red powder on your forehead
তোমার ললাটচন্দনে ।।
আমার মনের মোহের মাধুরী মাখিয়া রাখিয়া দিয়ো-  Smear my mind’s sweetness on your form

তোমার অঙ্গসৌরভে ।
আমার আকুল জীবনমরণ টুটিয়া লুটিয়া নিয়ো- Take all I have for your matchless glory
তোমার অতুল গৌরবে ।।


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Tagore song “Ami Pauth Bhola Ek pothik Eshechhi” translaion and post by Ranu

Latina: Jasminum sambac 'Arabian Nights' It is...

Latina: Jasminum sambac ‘Arabian Nights’ It is an evergreen vine or shrub, available in India. Common name: Arabian Jasmine ‘Arabian Nights’, Hindi: Bela, Telugu: Malli, Tamil: Kodi mulli, Manipuri: Jati pushpa, Bengali: Bel. Family: Oleaceae (Jasmine family). This photgrpah has been taken at Dhulagarh, Howrah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a lost traveler

visiting you.

I am evening’s jasmine dear

and morning’s Arabian jasmine

do you know me?

I know you young traveler

your colorful clothing flies in the forests.

In the month of phalgun,

you are an impatient fire,

In the night of the month of chaitra,

you are aloof.

We are floating towards you

Who is calling this homeless

crazy person,

in a humming tune,

when I roam around in the forest?

I the mango bud called you.

I dreamed of you before I saw you,

I loved you without knowing you.

When the day is done,

and I am finished playing in the heated sand,

ready to go on the road,

who will take the fallen flowers in the chariot?

I the creeper will take it.

When the dry leaves scatter,

at the sound of music,

who will be left?

I will  stay and be sad,

O the indifferent traveler,

the beautiful spring ,

will erase the pain of separation.

I the crazy traveler will laugh.

I am a lost traveler,

visiting you.

Nazrul Song , singer Firoza post and translation by Ranu

Your tear- filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers.

Should I take  flowers or the tears?

I am distracted with anxiety.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers.

If I take  flowers from your hand,

water will disappear from your eyelids.

If I take  tears, love will not blossom.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari  teeming with flowers.

When you string the garland,

I long to have it.

When I see your tears for me,

I like it even more.

To avoid losing you ,

I keep myself far away from you.

I leave after helping the bud blossom,

I the restless nightingale.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers.

Should I take flowers or tears?

I am distracted with anxiety.

Your tear-filled eyes,

your sari teeming with flowers!