DP Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Dig through your couch cushions,your purse,or the floor of your car and look at the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

I dug out a dime from my huge, “Eddie Bauer Bag, ” it shows 1914. the winter that year was harsh, we had heaps and heaps of never ending snow. Nature was in a bad mood, perhaps we did not recycle the items we should have,did not try to use carpool to avoid using more fuel than is necessary for our daily life.

Then I had a bird in our chimney who by chance landed in a place where it could not get out from,our felines were not liking the noise the bird was making to get out. Finally I was able to get hold of the ‘Orkin Man,’ he successfully got the poor hungry  bird out and took him to give it some food and let it fly away to its home in the wilderness.

My daughter and I visited our favorite city,’Montreal’ we rented an apartment for ten days, we walked, shopped and had a great time, at the end of our holidays, we realized we bought more things than we should have, therefore had to buy extra suitcase to bring them home.

Back at home we were afraid winter was peeking its silly head,we knew we  have to be prepared for it.

The month of December in 1914 was awesome, we did have snow but the rain washed it away and in our city we had green Christmas, it’s something very unusual. I liked the thought of no snow no shoveling.

These are some things I remember about 2014!