Please God Don’t Take Him!

Eight years ago we got Rafael,

A tiny Siamese cat,

He was scared to be in

an environment, where he

knew no one.

Each day he hid himself

under the recliner.

It took him a little more

than a week to be


He climbed up, climbed


Nothing satisfied him.

His energy at that

time was more than

one could handle.

Time was passing by, Rafa

did not know how to calm down,

We closed the doors of

the living room and kitchen.

One day while watching

him I said, ‘Rafa this is how

I open the doors.’

Next day I noticed the

doors were open

Rafa and other felines

were inside.

I yelled, “Selina did you

forget to close the door?’

‘No Mom,’ was the reply.

Next day I watched him

open the door.

We changed the knobs,

Rafa was angry, he

let out a shrill, ‘Meeeow.’

We were happy, he was not.

He was curious about

the basement,

one day he zoomed

down when I opened

to take my clothes

to the washer.

I screamed so hard,

Rafa was scared,

for almost a week

he stopped looking at


Rafa being Rafa,

he could not stay

angry this long.

Time was passing by, there

was no more problems

with Rafa. He and I became friends.

Beginning of October,

I saw Rafa’s bowl was not


We thought he didn’t like

the food.

This continued day after day.

‘Something is wrong I said Selina

take him to the vet.’

We couldn’t get the regular

vet without an appointment.

It was an emergency, Selina

took him to the special vet.

After the blood test,

The vet said, she needs to take an X Ray,

After what seemed eons, the result

was shocking, Rafa has cancer.

We watch and we wonder,how

long do we have him?

…………………………………………………………… ūüôā

Writing 101, Day Sixteen: Third Time’s the charm

IMG_0845Today’s Prompt: Imagine you had a job in which you had to sift through forgotten or lost belongings. Describe a day in which you come upon something peculiar, or tell about something you find in a pile.

Today’s Twist: If you’d like to continue our serial challenge, also reflect on the theme of lost and found more generally in this post.

In your “lost and found” tale, tell us something larger– a life lesson, perhaps—about finding and losing something.

Third Time’s the charm: This is a story about our pet felines, We had three rescued by my daughter in her first year university. We could not warm up to the idea as there would be a lot of changes we’d have to undergo.

Where to place the litter box was one problem,what to feed them and their yearly check up at the vet. Our daughter would not give up so we had to give in and adjust.

Every year we discovered we loved something about these felines and finally agreed we made the right choice.Then the worst happened the first one we lost to cancer, second one to diabetes and the third one also to diabetes. It was an emotional experience to watch them go.

I made up my mind I wasn’t going to have any more pets, to me the loss was tragic. I was able to stick to my decision for a while.

My daughter’s friend complained of mice, he was advised ¬†to ¬†adopt a feline. He got one, a Siamese, but his frequent travel outside the city was an ongoing ¬†problem, he had to ask my daughter to take care of it while he was away.

While my daughter did not mind  taking care of the felines occasionally, she  developed a fondness  for the kittens and wanted to have her own.

We tracked down a woman breeder, who had five kittens she wanted to sell. We got one who we named  Gabriel, a week later we noticed Gabriel was terribly insecure, we felt sorry for the little one and bought his brother, we named him Raphael.

Gabriel and Raphael are two very naughty felines, when I get too frustrated with their antics I use the water bottle to spray them.

Losing the three female felines was heart breaking for us but finding Gabriel and Raphael filled the void, now we are happy we decided to have these two rambunctious felines who keep us busy.


DP Daily Prompts: From the Top

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

Today, write about any topic you feel like but you must reuse your opening line( at least) two more times in the course of your post.

My topic for today is, “Lung Cancer”.

Like all cancers, cancer of the lung results from an abnormality of the cell. Normally the body maintains a system of checks and balances on cell growth so that cells divide to produce new cells only when new cells are needed. when there is disruption int this checks and balances on cell growth, it results in an uncontrolled division which eventually forms a mass known as tumor.

Like all cancers, cancer of the lung results from an abnormality of the cell.

Tumors can be benign or malignant. When we use the term cancer it means the tumor is malignant. Malignant tumors invades other tissues of the body which results of these tumors to enter into the blood stream or lymphatic system, then to other parts of the body This process is known as metastasis, lung cancer spreads early after it forms.

It is a life threatening cancer and one of the forms of cancer that is difficult to treat. Lung cancer can arise in any part of the lung, but 90% to 95% of cancers are believed to arise from the epithelial cells, the cells lining the larger and smaller airways.

Like all cancers, cancer of the lung results from an abnormality of the cell.

Prior to the 1930s lung cancer was not common.It increased dramatically over the following decades when tobacco smoking increased.


Writing Prompt: Undo

If I could un-invent something, it will have to be cigarettes. This thing that is hazardous to health was invented by an English beggar,his name was Horrey Thormfield. The story goes he asked the local butcher for some scraps of wax paper, he put the paper in some kind of pipe he had, he enjoyed smoking this invention of his.

He lost his pipe in a card game. He already loved what he smoked, he rolled this scrap paper into a cylindrical shape and started smoking.This was the world’s first rolled butcher wax paper cigarette.

Now there are all kinds of cigarettes in the market.  I and others who agree with me is this rolled paper filled with tobacco is the cause of lung cancer. It also endangers the health of non- smokers. Why have something which is so bad for health.

There is going to be repercussion from the cigarette industries who are making money, from smokers who cannot do without it. But non-smokers will I hope support it.

I cannot think of a possible alternative but the thought the consumers would save a lot of money if the cigarettes are no longer available and the houses would not smell should be helpful. 21-undo/

DP Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give Up

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

We all have bad habits galore, we watch too much TV,we waste our time doing nothing,we gossip, we love sweets, we smoke.

Some of the habits are hard to change but others need to change such as smoking. Smoking is a number one killer,it endangers one’s health. It’s a sheer waste of money because it only contributes to ill-health. Lung cancer is believed to be the end result of smoking. When we didn’t know enough of it we felt well there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a habit they cannot break out of.

Since it’s been out second hand smoking is worse. I am not too happy about getting sick because of someone else’ s addiction.


Lillie McFerrin Writes

I had three cats,when I saw them first,I wasn’t sure I’d like them ,I told my daughter to take them back. Then the most amazing thing happened I started watching them, they are cute I thought, I want to keep them.

I kept JD ,Thursday and Alex, each morning JD would first meow and jump on my chest and look at me , it was as if she was saying,”Get up Missus I’m hungry,” I’d get up and feed all of them my husband would laugh and look at me.

We had them for fifteen years, JD developed cancer, I was so sorry, she would sit and look at me, she stopped eating, my husband would go and talk to her,she’d look at him and drop her head on the pillow.

Then the dreaded day came when JD was not moving, we brought her to our living room, at 6 P.M JD meowed softly and all was quiet, I cannot explain how painful it was to watch her completely still!

NaBloPoMo Nov.26th Dandelion Ranu’s post


dandelion (Photo credit: sclopit)

Dandelion is called a , ‘Miracle Drug’. It prevents or cures liver disease, hepatitis or jaundice. It acts as a gentle tonic and diuretic to purify blood. It helps to reduce weight, cleanses skin and eliminates acne. it cures various forms of cancer,prevents or controls diabetes mellitus. It has no negative side effects.

It is the top 6 herbs in the ¬†Chinese herbal medicine chest. According to the USDA Bulletin # 8,”Composition of Foods”, (Haytowitz and Matthews 1984) Dandelions rank in the top 4 green vegetables in overall nutritional value. They are nature’s richest green vegetable source of beta-carotene, from which vitamin A is created. They are rich in fiber , potassium,iron,calcium , magnesium , phosphorus and are good source of protein.

Vitamin A : important in fighting cancers of epithelial tissue , including mouth and lung.

Potassium rich foods in adequate quantities, helps keep blood pressure down and reduces the risk of strokes.

Fiber fights diabetes,lowers cholesterol,reduces cancer and heart disease risks  and assists in weight loss.

Calcium in high concentrations can build strong bones and also lowers blood pressure.

B vitamins help reduce stress. ¬†“The Dandelion Celebration”–The guide to unexpected Cuisine,is useful for anyone who would like to know this remarkable plant.

I got my information from “leaf Lady”, an article written by Peter Gail.

Superstition posted by Ranu

Superstition is an irrational belief or practice resulting from ignorance. The other day I watched a movie in which a woman died of childbirth.No one tried to find out why the woman died,their belief was she died because the girl born to this woman,is unlucky.There are many causes of death in childbirth,the process of delivery,the physician who looked after could have done something wrong.The woman had some kind of disease like cancer.Nothing was taken into account,but the friends,families and neighbours of the deceased immediately blamed the baby girl,they were certain she was unlucky.The result was she and her father were ostracized. No one visited them.The poor child could not play with any one.She grew up believing she really was unlucky therefore she should end her life. This kind of belief destroys a person and the family.

I have experienced some superstitious beliefs by my parents.Every morning,my Mom used to wake up and made sure she saw my face first before she prayed and started the chores in the house.

One day my Dad came home from the office.He was furious with our servant because he opened the door and my Dad saw his face first thing in the morning.According to him,everything went wrong in the office.He called me and said, ‘Ma Ranu ,can you open the door in the morning?’ Let me explain about opening the door.During the summer months,because it was exceptionally hot inside the house,we used to take our bed and bedding to sleep in the verandah. All the doors therefore were closed from inside,but there was one door we used to lock from the outside.This was the job of the servant. Anyway I was assigned to open the door,I was considered lucky,so who better to be in-charge of the door,but me.

Not that I minded doing this easy chore,but it was getting ridiculous.My younger sister wrote her high school exams,the results were due to come out the following morning. She wanted to see my face when she woke up.My sister was a terrible student,I knew there is no way she is going to pass the exam. and she would blame me,I seriously prayed and asked God to help me. Talk about ‘Divine ‘ help I could not believe how things turned out for me. For some very important reason I had to go to Dhaka.I wasn’t home when the results came out. My sister failed,she couldn’t blame me for her failure.I thanked God for His help.