#Everyday Inspiration,Day Seventeen: A Map as Your Muse

Day Seventeen: A Map as Your Muse

I did not get a proper image of some places I wanted to imbed. I decided to write about one of them without an image.

I will write about Gander, NL, where we (family) lived for a number of years. Before coming to Gander, we lived in Montreal. In those days the province of Quebec had its own laws.

One of them was an immigrant cannot have private practice until he/she becomes a citizen. My husband came from Chicago where he trained to be an Ophthalmologist.

My husband had two years left to become a citizen. He worked as a resident in Montreal, though he was qualified to practice Ophthalmology.

His boss told him to take a job outside Quebec instead of wasting time as a resident, where he only received $500.00 a month.

He got a job in Gander, his plan was to spend two years and then return to Montreal, get his citizenship and start his private practice.

But someone up there had other ideas. We had barely spent a year, when my husband’s boss, whose practice he was supposed to take over as suggested by him(Doctor Duclos), was killed in an accident in New Brunswick highway.

The whole scenario changed. Things were at a standstill. Then the following year on 29th November my husband had a severe heart attack. He went through all kinds of treatment in St. John’s.

He came home and decided he could not start a private practice, as it would be stressful. So he continued working as a salaried physician.

I was teaching in a local school, it was my third year. I had a tough time adjusting, I never complained and continued to work until I realized one day, my husband was getting sick, we must leave Gander and go to St. John’s where they had enough Cardiologists to look after him.

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DP Daily Prompts: Second Opinion

pad2014-s.png (308Ă—60)

What are some( or one) of the things about which you usually you usually don’t trust your own judgement, and need someone else’s confirmation?

I consider second opinion a very valuable thing it gives us hope. A while ago my husband was recommended to see a cardiologist about his heart condition. we do have cardiologists in our city. They were too busy and didn’t really care about my husband.

My husband made inquiries and was told to go to London, Ontario, Canada, to see a well-known cardiologist there.

Without wasting any time we went to London, Ontario, the cardiologist was a very kind man, he made arrangements to see a cardiac surgeon who worked in the same hospital. The surgeon we met was the most pessimistic physician I’ve ever met. His immediate response was, “If I take you to the Operating Room, you’d be dead, and I’d have to talk to your wife, I cannot take your case.” his demeanor, the way he talked was enough to let us know it is hopeless.

We went back to the cardiologist who was sympathetic, he advised my husband to go to the Cleveland  clinic and get a second opinion,  ‘they never give up’ he said. We could see light at the end of the tunnel, my husband hesitated for a moment, it was expensive, should he go through it, what if it doesn’t work out. I told him the money he talked about is what he earned, why should he hesitate to spend it for his health.

We went to the Cleveland clinic, hoping the doctor there would not turn us back. After going through my husband’s chart he said, “It’s not going to be a walk in the park”, he was willing to try.

My husband was booked for surgery immediately, the day of surgery I was scared, I stayed quiet, I didn’t want the other family members to lose hope. It took several hours, we were the last family called by the physician, he said it went well,but they needed 72 hours to finally tell us that he’d be okay.

This was one wise decision my husband and I took, it worked out for us, to me second opinion is very important!