Daily Prompt : Carousel

In response to daily prompt : Carousel

Watching the luggage Carousel go round and round is a lot of fun. There are a variety of luggage, small, medium and large. People waiting get impatient when their suitcase doesn’t come on time.

Perhaps the airlines’ plan to charge money, for each baggage, is why the number of suitcases are less.

It seems traveling anywhere is no longer a fun thing to do, unless one is a  V.I.P. They get the best treatment, their seats are large, they get the best food and all the privileges one can think of.

Most of the passengers fly Economy, yet they are the ones whom the attendants, give very little attention. Their seats are uncomfortable, there is no room to stretch their legs, even the aisles are narrower.  Imagine if there are no economy class passengers, the airlines will not make money. Yet they suffer, they do not get food, they have to buy it. How did the airlines manage when all the passengers got the same treatment?

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