Daily Prompt : Jiffy

In response to prompt : Jiffy

I watched the twister coming closer,

It took a moment to spread disaster.

The house disappeared in a Jiffy,

And the magician yelled catastrophe!

Sally jumped cried out, ‘foul,

I never heard the twister growl.’

For a few second, Mom said nothing,

The lame cook bellowed, ‘I found something!’

What they found or lost is not the question,

It is now time for serious reflection!

………………………………. 🙂



Writing Prompt: Earworm

What song is stuck in your head(or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3) Why does it speak to you?

The following song by Celine Dion is stuck in my head.


The song reminds me of the sinking of the ,”Titanic’. I can visualize how traumatic it was for all those people who thought they were safe and suddenly the claim it was unsinkable was only a claim.

They were caught by surprise and were I think desperately looking for something to hold onto to live. This type of catastrophe makes us realize how fragile life is and we should enjoy life every moment we’re alive the best way we can because tomorrow we may not see the light of day.