DAily Prompt : Warning

In response to prompt : Warning

A Piece Of Advice

I often wonder when a piece of advice is given to me,

Should I pay attention to it or simply say, ‘who told you?’

My one sibling always thought, ‘if I give her a serious warning,

Which is study hard or you are never going to finish high school.’

This message did not bother me at all and she was angry,

She told all her favorite rich friends, I was a loser,  I’d never succeed.

I cannot tell you if her friends really cared to know  anything about me,

They had many questions on their mind like just leave her alone!

……………………………….. 🙂


DP Daily Prompts: Clone Wars

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If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

My problem with cloning is,which part of me do I dislike. If I could discern that I’ll most certainly give the responsibilities of going out to do chores to the part that gives me more trouble. But I know it won’t work there isn’t a part of me that gives me trouble, we work together quite smoothly, giving too much work to one part and not enough to other  will cause a lot of bad feeling  as a result cloning won’t work for me.

I am really not in favor of cloning myself. I already split my responsibilities, the work that requires thinking I let my brain handle it. The arms and legs do their part. the eyes always wave the caution signal, and the nose does its job of smell.

I am afraid I do not like to split myself, everything is working fine!


Flash Fiction: Wishes

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The Innocent Girl

Mariam a ten year old sat at the doorstep of her little hut, she was waiting for her parents return from work, it was getting dark, she saw no sign of her parents, fear clouded her mind, she could not understand what she should do. 

In a fit of anxiety she went next door for help, she’d never seen or known them, but hoped they’d help, she gently knocked the door, to her surprise out came a man, he was scarier than her dark surrounding, everything about him waved a flag of caution to little Mariam, she disregarded her thoughts and asked for help, the man opened the door and let her in, he promptly closed the door, grabbed some rope from the back of his house and tied her.

“You are my prisoner, you must obey me, you have to cook,clean and look after my house, if you disobey, I’ll show you how evil I am.”

Mariam cried herself to sleep, she dreamed a  very pretty woman was watching her, she trembled and tried to get up, she couldn’t her body froze, “do not be afraid said the woman, I’m here to free you, you must do as I tell you, I will grant you three wishes, choose the ones you like most: 1. I can bring back your parents, 2. I can make the man disappear, 3. I will make you rich.”

Ten year old Mariam wanted her parents back and the evil man to disappear, she didn’t have any idea how being rich could help her, she told the woman what she wanted, with a wave of her wand, the parents were back and the evil man was gone, Mariam was happy and told her parents never to leave her again!


DP Daily Prompt: Break the Silence

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When was the last time you really wanted(or needed) to say something,but kept quiet? Write a post about what you should’ve  said.

There are times when silence is golden, but other times it is necessary to speak or write depending on circumstances. I am caught in this dilemma lately, I know it’s always important to use caution, but it can help others who may wonder if the reply presented by someone is right or wrong. When we don’t correct the know it all’s you are wrong in this case they will go home with the assumption, ” I know I’m right otherwise someone would have said, I am wrong.”

Let’s say such a person exists, how do we say you are wrong and some part of your writing is irrelevant too. This is the kind of thing that annoys me, sadly I pretend there is nothing to be afraid of, it’s only a mistake!

nk: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/dp-daily-prompt-4/



DP Daily Prompt: The Heat is On

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It is funny how the prompt exposes our nature maybe indirectly. When I read Today’s Prompt, I stopped and thought for a moment and my inner and outer self told me,’ you are the type of person who works under pressure.’

If I have too much time for an assignment I do procrastinate. I always find myself rushing to get my work done when I realize I have to get it done immediately, because I let the time go by.

Whether I work well or not under pressure is something I don’t know. When the deadline knocks on my door I don’t have time to see whether my production is good bad or otherwise. It’s funny how my mind works, I have told myself I must start doing my assignment right away and I have tried but I do not feel motivated.

It means to me I was always like that, my dad did not caution me, perhaps he thought I was too young. The one person who wouldn’t let go was big sis, well her persistence only made me more stubborn.

I remember  when I started my online course I asked the question if there was a deadline for the assignment,I also said I have a habit of delaying, the reply was firm as well as friendly, certain amount of procrastination is okay, but to make it a habit is discouraged.

I am better now than I was before. Deadlines are what I need to keep me from going out of focus,I think!!