The cook who outwits his employer!

Once upon a time in a far off land,there was a very smart cook.He was known for his unusual skill of

Cook Education Center

Cook Education Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

his fabulous cooking,an art he mastered from a very young age.He also learned to convince everyone that he was a gifted liar.This happens to be his way of getting out of trouble.He had been successful almost all the time.His parents,however were not thrilled to know this.He was warned by his mother who said,”now Alfie,you came out with flying colours,so far,one day you will get caught,I your mother am telling you to give up this practice”.

Alfie’s life was going along smoothly.He had a kind master,good friends and adorable parents.He knew he is so crafty that there was no chance of tripping up.This gave him the belief he needed to carry on his two most important traits cooking and his make-believe stories.

His employer was very proud of his cooking.He was always boasting about his cooking to his friends.One of his friends was tired of hearing this and challenged him,he said, “If your cook is as good as you tell us,why don’t you invite me,I will find out how good he is and also will enjoy the food?”Mr.Alec was happy that he got his chance to prove to the friend,how excellent Alfie,his cook is.

With this in mind,he went shopping,among his list of ingredients,he decided to buy a crane for the main course.He came home with his bag full of food items for the big day.

The day had arrived, Alfie was ecstatic that his master had told his friend about his wonderful art of cooking.He put the necessary ingredients to marinate the bird.It was time for him to roast the bird.He put the bird in the oven and started singing,”Oh, my master’s friend is coming and I will show my skill,he is coming in the evening ,he is coming to eat my food,oh yeah—–.” Suddenly he noticed someone was coming,he peaked and saw his friend the glutton.He mumbled to himself “I will have to get rid of him.”The smell of the food made the glutton so hungry,he pleaded with his friend to let him have a leg of the crane.Alfie at first told him to hurry home and not expect anything.The glutton however did not give  up.At that moment the cook did not think of the consequences of his generosity.Evening rolled around Alfie was getting ready to serve the food.

The employer arrived with his friend.Dinner was served.While carving the roast,the master was horrified to see only one leg.Alfie was summoned immediately.He was asked about the other leg.The crafty cook replied,”The cranes have only one leg,Sir!”This was too much for the master to believe,he instantly told him,they will go to the field where there are several cranes and check out his story.

Accordingly they made the trip where there were hundreds of cranes.The cranes were having a nap,therefore they were standing on one leg.Alfie pointed at once,”See,Sir I told you,cranes have only one leg.”The master in a fit of anger,went close to the cranes and yelled,”Shoo,shoo.” All the cranes put the other leg down and flew away. “Now tell me,do you still say,the cranes have only one leg.”Yes ,Sir,you forgot to say,Shoo!”The master realized how clever his cook was and decided to forgive him.

Cook Eke Mariën (left) and chemist Jan Groenew...

Cook Eke Mariën (left) and chemist Jan Groenewold (right) @ Woudschoten conference of chemistry education, 4 november 2006, Zeist, Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)