Daily Prompt : Magnetic

In response to one-word prompt  : Magnetic

The prompt Magnetic reminds me of our former Prime Minister, late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, I used to think he is worthy of the office of the Prime Minister, he was educated, smart and charismatic.

When he spoke English, you’d think, he was a native, similarly he spoke French like a real Frenchman. He was never afraid to say what was on his mind, he did not lie like some politicians, we hear these days. But then he was unique, we Canadians were fortunate and proud to have a Prime Minister like him.

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DP Daily Prompt: First Sight

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Whether a person,a pet, an object, or a place,write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.

I used to watch a lot of Bengali movies sometime ago, once they had an ad for a Pakistani movie, I never watched them I thought they didn’t have actors impressive enough, I still wanted to check it out. Well My feeling about Pakistani movies completely changed because of one actor.

His name was Waheed Murad, he was very different from the ones I watched I liked him the very first second I watched one of his movies. He was handsome, articulate and charismatic. I began watching his movies one at a time and have quite a collection.Overnight he became my most favorite actor.

I was actually amazed to know Pakistan film industry had such a talented actor, I read his biography and found out he was well educated, had an English degree in literature.

I read more about him than any other actor I know, sadly he died at age 45 in Karachi,years ago. I found him and his movies long after his death.