DP Daily Prompt: If I Ruled the World

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You’ve been given the super power to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

I am given the super power to change one law of nature, how will I use it. Not everyday we get this kind of power. So I do have to invest sometime to see what’s the best way of using it. As I was thinking I tripped up on Hobbe’s natural laws, he was a man full of ideas,I thought it would be a good idea to borrow two of his law of nature and see which one suits me better.

I have super power I must use it wisely or the media bums will turn blue criticizing me, I don’t think they’ll dare,seeing that I am in possession of this unbelievable super power. I hear someone whispering, “Stop the rant and get on with business.” I have dual personality you know and my second personality is the whisperer. 

I lost my train of thought what was I saying, “you were talking about Hobbe’s laws of nature.” This prompt was from my second one.

Okay first one on my list is: Everyman ought to endeavour peace,as far as he has hope of obtaining it, and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek and use all helps and advantages of war.

The second one from Hobbe’s list is : No man by deed or word, countenance or gesture declare hatred or contempt of another. The breach of which law is commonly called contumely.

So I’m fine with the law called “CONTUMELY”. Enforcing this law I feel is easier than the first one on my list. I’ll make a country wide proclamation,from this day forward hatred from one another is prohibited by law. Anyone found guilty will be deprived of consuming food for a week, however they are allowed to drink water. I wouldn’t want them to die of thirst.

Before the law is established the citizens will be provided with an intensive workshop to learn how to contain their anger, the children will  be trained by their parents or guardians.

After the first week attempts will be made to find out if the law is working. If the feedback is positive the citizens will be invited  to all the town squares of the country, where they’ll be given treats for their positive behavior.


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DP Daily Prompt:Fifteen Minutes

I will talk about world peace:

History tells us no one country can rule forever. They are victors today and vanquished tomorrow. These are  the facts of life. We have read about the rise and fall of Empires,such as Mughal,Ottoman,Roman,British and the list goes on.

Our leaders are trying to find solutions to the problems that beset our planet, but so far it’s only a dream and nothing else. If each of us can set aside our selfish motives and work towards a common goal of a peaceful world, we can achieve it. When we think of world peace we forget that our contribution is necessary, but we have used our mouths and not our souls. We can begin by thinking about how are we treating our brothers, neighbors – the answer lies within us.

Philosophers and poets – past and present have written volumes on how we should treat each other. We must ask ourselves, “what is world peace?”.  Some think it is the resolution of conflict, others think the absence of hunger and poverty.  I believe it is a combination of wrongs that must be righted –  if we can work towards social justice in our corner of the world, we can make peace happen in our world.

I am a student of an online course offered by the Iqbal Academy. The course discusses the writings of Iqbal, an Indian philosopher and poet.  Although he did not call himself a poet, he wrote volumes of poetry.  His aim was to have a place on earth,which he called Marghdeen, where the inhabitants would live in peace. There would be no army, no government, no beggars or thieves – it would be an egalitarian world where no conflict was bred from the inherent imbalances of a stratified society.

Here is the beauty of this place: no army means no fighting. No government eliminates the difference of opinion of a handful of people who are at liberty to decide  fate of the citizens,whether they liked it or not.There is no ill-feeling  , where the citizens can live in peace.His ideas if adopted today will help us to know  the direction we must take to achieve our goal.

If we can remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  If we live in harmony with each other,we can have world peace. There will be no reason to build nuclear arms to use against each other.Think of it this way,there are countries who possess them and if they  use these weapons against each other,there will be no world left to have peace.

The World Peace monument in a pond next to a s...

The World Peace monument in a pond next to a statue of the Buddha on a lotus in Swayambhunath temple site, Kathmandu, Nepal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for listening.

DP Daily Prompt: Flip Flop

For the past few years my country of origin is having some serious issues.The main cause is the governing party. Although it seems to outsiders it is a democratic country,sadly it is not. People are put to death without any reason.The educated are leaving. There is general strike whenever the party in power thinks it will be beneficial to them.Crime is increasing in leaps and bounds. The citizens are not safe in their own homes. How can a country survive  when there is so much lawlessness.

This is the time  I feel we no longer can be loyal to this party in power. In the olden days,when the corruption reached its peak, the people were blessed with a saviour. It seems to me it’s not possible any more.

Daily Prompt: Idyllic posted by ranu

My ideal community is a beautiful place.

Garden full of flowers for everyone to see,

children in colourful attire dancing with glee.

Hunger and homelessness is unknown here,

the citizens are busy spreading the cheer.

If you want to see this wonderful place,

come one,come all to our wide open space.

Our young and old are here to greet you,

why not check it out won’t you.

Our roads and streets are safe and serene,

we are making sure our community is green.

There is no scattered litter in our town I swear,

the workers are always there to take care.

Our Mayor works hard to keep the government running,

his looks are scary,but his work is stunning.

I challenge you all to find me a place,

full of contented people who are occupying our community’s space.