365 Writing Prompts: The natural world

Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

This is the image of Talkotora bagh in New Delhi. I saw this a long time ago,I have not forgotten how thrilled I was in a place where the grass is luscious green. Any where you turn around you see nature in its awesome form. Somewhere in my heart it feels as though I am yet to see a place as alluring as this park. May be there are many others in the world but I haven’t seen them.

Yes I love nature, it has so much to offer, the tall trees, the finely cut grass, the variety of flowers, the birds chirping, the colorful butterflies, and the people walking with their family, the picnic stands, the vendors trying to sell food,all this in a park.

I like the freedom nature offers.

A city to me cannot compare with nature. In the city, there are skyscrapers, the continuous movement of vehicles, people always in a hurry to get to their destination. You see worn out stern faces, it just does not seem right to be in a city with all its hustle and bustle makes life unbearable.

I think I’d love to spend time in a forest.


Wikipedia image of Talkotora bagh

Talkatora_garden_new_delhi_07.jpg (1600Ă—1200)


DP Daily Prompt: We Built This City

pad2015-s1.png (308Ă—60)

What do you love most about city/ town place where you live? What do you like the least about it? If you were mayor, what would be the most important problem you’d tackle? How would you tackle it?

I love my city, it’s not too large, we have everything we need right in the city. we have a good transportation system, it’s the Metro bus, the drivers are extremely helpful and always smile when you get on and off the bus, unlike in the city of Montreal, they are very unfriendly, once I wanted to know something, the driver showed his disgust by just pointing out.

I’m appalled at the bus drivers in Montreal, may be because  our city bus drivers are always ready to help and they are never rude. Once a passenger missed his bus, he asked our driver what he’d do, the driver called that driver and asked him to wait at a certain stop. Where can you get this service, isn’t it unbelievable?

I’m pleased with almost everything the city provides, there is one problem of littering, the amount of empty coffee cups, McDonald’s wrappers, and other fast food cups found on city streets , people’s  homes  is unbelievable. My house faces the main street, unfortunately there  is a bus stop in front of my house there is an unbelievable number of trash in my front garden.

If I was the mayor I’d try to make sure people stop littering the streets, homes and parking lots. I’d have to get help from volunteers on a rotating basis to enable them to spot the abusers, if the same people are caught too many times they’d be charged a hefty fine.



365 Writing Prompts: Twenty-five

There are twenty -six letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them.Want Proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it ( Feeling brave? Make it a vowel!)

Vowels: AEIOU

Once many moons ago there was a sage, there was only one man who knew of him. His name was Amir, (in Hindi the name means rich).

Amir was riding his horse when he saw a man raising his hand to stop him, this annoyed him he stopped he wanted to know why the man was so eager to end his ride.

“I am a sage he said, I can see things none can, do not go too far, danger is ahead, there are a lot of predators looking for man’s flesh,they are ready to grab anyone they see , do not make a mistake, go home. ”

Amir was obstinate , he ignored the danger and rode on, There in the distant he saw wolves,tigers , lions waiting to get a piece of him. He ordered his horse to go backward, the horse did not stop and kept going forward.

Realizing the rich man ignored his warning and was in danger the sage said some words and blew it in the windy path, a strong wind made  the horse circle the path, seeing danger ahead the horse took off. Amir was delighted the horse saved him.

He told his story to the people in the city, several wise men in the city visited the sage and invited him to come to their city. They provided a giant sized palace for him to live and teach them how to be safe!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/365-writing-pr…ts-twenty-five

DP Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

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What’s your dream tourist destination__ either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What

about it speaks to you?

I am interested to visit, Istanbul, a city in Turkey. It’s a transcontinental city in Eurasia. It’s commercial and historical side lies in the European side and about a third of its population lives on the Asian side Of Eurasia.

It was founded on the Sarayburnu promontory around 660 B.C. as Byzantium, it is now known as Istanbul.

Approximately 11.6 million foreign visitors arrived in Istanbul in 2012, two years after it was named a European capital of culture.It’s the fifth most popular destination.

Istanbul was officially adopted as the sole name of the city in 1930.

A person from the city is an Istanbullu(plural: Istanbullular). In English they are called Istanbullite.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/dp-daily-prompt-tourist-trap/

Images from wikipedia

Istanbul_collage_5j.jpg (502Ă—838)

Images from wikipedia

Blue_mosque_interior_panorama.jpg (2500Ă—483)



Sultan_Ahmed_Mosque_Istanbul_Turkey_retouched.jpg (930Ă—659)

DP Daily Prompts: Kick the Bucket

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What are the top items on your anti-bucket list—those things you never ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read,etc.?

My anti-bucket list is long, first of all I’d stay away from people,places or things that causes me grief, I tell myself I’m only here for a short time I do not want to be unhappy.

Since I heard how an innocent twenty-two year old female student was raped and murdered and the onlookers stared and watched, but  failed to come to her aid,  is one city I will never visit.

There are millions of books sold everyday, of those the ones that does not help me learn anything are the books I will not read.

I will never vote for dishonest public figures who tell us he/she will do this and that for the city,in the end do nothing after they are elected for the people who had faith in them.

I will never buy from a store that deceives me and the customers who trust them by selling goods that are not worth the price!

These are some of the things in my anti-bucket list.





365 Writing Prompts: Unexpected

Unexpectedly you lose your job( or a loved one, or something or someone important to you.) What do you do next?

If I lose my job unexpectedly, I’ll look for another job in town if I’m unable to find one I might move to another city.

Since I live in a smaller city,there is only a few vacancies, I’d have no choice but to look elsewhere. I can only look for teaching jobs,  yes there are jobs if I want to be a substitute teacher. It is not something I’d like to do, besides the regular teacher has to be sick for a job opening, also it  only depends on  who the Principal decides to call to teach that particular day.

The only other option for me is  to go back to school and register in a cooking school to become a chef. It does not sound very appealing to me, I’d have to study for how long I’m not sure, then after spending my savings what if I fail to get a decent paying job.

There is another possibility I may opt to sit at home and draw unemployment insurance, it would give me time to do some planning.

You know what losing one’s job is not a very good thing, I hope I won’t lose mine!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/365-writing-prompts-unexpected



365 Writing Prompts: Cleaning house

Is there “junk” in your life? How do you get rid of it?

When I look at the stuff we collected over the years I wonder, how will I get rid of it. It is not easy,but it has to be done. I have taken care of some, but there is much more left that needs to leave the cozy comfort of my house to somewhere which might be appreciated.

I had a burgundy velvet sofa set, I liked it a lot but thought it was in my house long enough, it was time for it to find a new home.I called the city, paid for the service and had it out in my lawn, the passers by, questioned whether I was really throwing it out, one motorist said, “Why it’s in such a good shape?”

I ignored what he had to say, left it out in  the yard, one guy in a pick up truck showed up thirty minutes later, loaded his truck and drove away.

This is how the furniture was taken care of, there are other things that I need to say good-bye to, with the weather getting cooler the frequent rainfall keeps me from putting it out on the curb, the question in my mind is, what if no one picks it up the thought of dragging it all back in is not an option,so I’d have to wait for a better season to clean my house.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/365-writing-pr…cleaning-house/

DP Daily Prompt: A Tale of Two Cities

pad2014-s.png (308Ă—60)

If you could split your time evenly between two places and two places only, which would these be?


The two cities I’d love to pick are: St. John’s where I live, and Montreal the city I love to visit.

I like St. John’s a lot,it is a city of about two hundred thousand people, the weather in winter is cold,in summer it is cool,it does not get very hot. This year we had a very long snowy winter, the winter was terrible everywhere,I’m not going to hold it against my city. Our people here are very friendly and co-operative. We can find everything from food to clothing and other essentials without any trouble. 

Our transportation system is excellent,in the city and outside. We have an excellent university, we also have technical colleges for students who’d want to learn a trade right after high school.

I like to  spend part of my time in Montreal, it is a much larger city, I like it because I get to meet my good friends and watch some tennis matches.

It is not really possible to divide my time  evenly between these two cities, but I’d like to go  for a short vacation. 




DP Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Look at your back window…describe what you see ,as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

I am trying to describe to my brother who lives in Dhaka what I can see from my back window. My house is in the corner of two streets,the guys who plow the streets are very cruel especially when we have a snowstorm.

What is a snowstorm, it’s like when you have a cyclone,it is windy, the things are blown away and instead of rain we have this fluffy white stuff which is called snow.

When the snow blocks the streets the guy who drives the plow clears off the streets for vehicles to move freely without getting stuck. The part we don’t like is all this snow is dumped at the end of our driveway, we cannot get out if we don’t clear it by shovelling or using  a snow blower.

The unfortunate part for us is we get snow dumped at the end of our driveway from two sides, which makes the work of clearing our snow harder.

From my back window I see snow on my patio and snow on my driveway. The snow at the end of the driveway is dirty because while clearing the streets the plowman also dumps the mud,plastic bags,coffee cups and other food wraps,these are thrown by people who are not interested to keep our city clean.

I can also see my neighbor’s driveway, she keeps her path clean. The trees are naked, because when the cold weather comes the leaves fall off, and grow back when it starts to be warm.

I can also see students walking to the university,it’s hard to see their faces because they are bundled up to stay warm. You can see some vehicles moving, these are delivery trucks, the private cars leave early morning for work.

This is all,there are no flowers,pretty birds or green grass visible right now, they’ll show up soon I hope!