Writing 101,Day Eleven: Update your readers over a cup of coffee

If we were having coffee right now with my friend and neighbor, I’d tell her how much I’m enjoying WordPress, Writing 101.

The best part is I get an assignment five days of the week, week-ends are free. Each assignment is a challenge. I have to dig my brain to see how I can make the current assignment entertaining and interesting.

Today is the eleventh day I’m trying to take my mind back to day one, when we started this blogging course.

It was : Why do I write? Right now I’d say I write because it gives me scope to empty out my thoughts on the page and get ready to fill it with new ones. Do I make sense? It’s something repeated by my brother,every time he completes some writing.

Some days just to tease him, I feel like saying : No brother you do not make sense. It’s something I lay buried in my thoughts, he doesn’t take it as a joke,he will have all sorts of questions why I wrote this. See what I mean? Who wants to start an argument with such a simple statement?

Coming back to coffee and meeting my friend at a place which we both like is a small shop in ‘Churchill Square’ they serve tea,  coffee and biscuits. We visit it whenever we want to have an outing outside our home.

We talk about a number of things, most of the time it’s the weather and the place we visited during the summer.

I drink tea and my friend likes coffee. She also enjoys tea. After about forty- five minutes we leave the shop and walk home.


Writing 101 Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

Today’s Prompt : Go to a local cafe, park or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. Get detailed : leave no nuance behind.

Thoughtful writers create meaning by choosing precise words to create vivid pictures in the reader’s mind. As you strive to create strong imagery, show your reader’s what’s going on;avoid telling them.

Today’s Twist: Write an adverb free post.

My daughter dropped me off in  front of the mall, I walked in and looked around. I watched as a sales girl scooped tea leaves into a canister for a customer at the David’s Tea; I did not stop but continued walking.   I headed to the second floor to find a spot in the food court where I could sit and observe, but the place was full.

I went down to the lower level and found a small coffee shop where I could write my prompt.  Ahead of me in the line was a family: a father with baby in the pram and a bouncy toddler skipping her way in.   The little girl turned around and let her father know what she wanted.  Exhausted with the extra pressure of taking care of two little ones, he pointed to the seats and bid the toddler to sit down, while he got the food.

I watched with amusement as the frazzled man tended to his kids, then it was my turn to order.  The girl behind the counter looked at me and smiled, “What would you like?”

I answered at once  “A  small Cappuccino and a  cookie.”

She nodded and started to prepare my order, motioning me to the girl at the cash register.

I waited for my coffee as the father and his daughters walked out with their food.

Minutes later,  with my small cappuccino and cookie in hand, I spotted a corner in the shop to sit down. I dashed towards it, made myself comfortable, opened my book and scribbled some notes.

I took two sips of the cappuccino but found it too hot and tasteless. I did not want to drink it anymore, so I trashed it and left the coffee shop.

I remembered that I needed some hand towels, so I headed towards the Winners department store. I picked up three towels, paid the cashier, and since I had nothing else to do I left the mall.  I darted across the parking lot to the bus stop , arriving within seconds of my bus.  I waited for its passengers to get off and then hopped on and into the front seat.

Hi , I’d appreciate some feedback please.