Daily Prompt: COLORFUL

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I’m waiting for Nature to wake up from hibernation and provide us with all its color. We are tired of cloudy skies, leafless trees, brown grass and no flowers and animals.

Since the process of conserving energy has been met. We need to see colorful animals, trees, flowers, birds, whatever else makes our little world bright, shiny and gorgeous.

…………………………………….. 🙂


‘Thay porhey thay’ Read to me, a poem by R.Tagore Translated and Posted by Ranu


What has he written today.

Let the touch of his

distant message

soothe my heart.

Let it bring

the scent of  the mustard field

in my solitary home,

I want the slow breeze to

blow my flowing hair.

Take the tune of the

blue sky and play on my

lonely mind,

make the grim road

visible from my window.

I will let my heart

rejoice at the

colorful setting

of the sun,

While I sit quietly  with tearful eyes!