DP Daily Prompt: April 2nd

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This morning I communicated with my blogger friends online. Although I’ve never seen or heard them I’m comfortable writing to them. There are so many options in English , the vocabulary helps, it is quite easy to communicate with friends using words.

I’m able to convey my feelings using words connected to feeling. In fact I’ve written a long email to my friend, who has no trouble understanding what I’m thinking . Sometimes icons are helpful to convey a message such as happy, unhappy.


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/dp-daily-prompt-april-2nd


365 Writing Prompt: Comfort zone

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

Normally I am comfortable with both, routine and planning is necessary when I invite people for dinner. I have to decide how many people I can accommodate in my living-dining rooms combined.

Accordingly I invite the friends. I have to plan the menu, meat, chicken or fish which one or ones my guests like. Next is salad and cooked vegetables.

Dessert is something I try to keep simple, I spend a lot of time preparing the main course, for beverage I serve water, I avoid pop, there are times I feel some of my guests prefer pop.

Tea and coffee I serve with dessert.

When I don’t have guests I keep it simple, some days I’m happy with left overs, if I do not have it, I cook chicken or fish and serve this with a plain vegetable dish and boiled rice.




DP Daily Prompt: Fireside Chat

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What person whom you don’t know very well in real life—- it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you recently made, etc.,would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

I think it’s not possible to select a blogger whose writing I enjoy, to have over for a long chat, I simply won’t feel comfortable and neither would she. I do not think I’d tell my life story to someone I just met.

Having written that, I do know someone whom I met while surfing the internet. I know this person long enough to be able to have a long chat, I am certain this person won’t mind having a long chat with me.

I sometimes feel that in our journey of life, we meet people who are better than a relative, they are more understanding and it’s easy to interact with them.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/dp-daily-prompt-fireside-chat/


Writing Prompt: Tables turned

Are as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about as well as writing?

I have no problem being in front of a camera, but behind a camera I am not that great. I have a camera ,when I bought it I was excited and dreamed of taking gorgeous photos, I haven’t done so and I doubt I’ll ever be comfortable doing it.

I do not think I’d like to be written about, it’s something reserved for a whole different category of humans. Some  people are written  about when they  accomplish unbelievable goals, or those who have done something terribly inhuman. I do not belong to any of these people.

I enjoy writing, I never knew I would be able to do so until lately.I may not excel in this craft I write to practice and improve. Whether I’ve done that is hard to say. I’m carrying on with the hope someday I might do better than  now.


DP Daily Prompt: An Odd trio

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Today,you can write about whatever you want– but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

It was a very warm afternoon, at least I got the feeling in my room, with this thought in my mind I ventured to go out to feel the air outside, to my delight it was much cooler, it motivated me to go for a walk. 

My walk took me to an unknown place, I hadn’t discovered this before, curiosity led me to go further, I was walking along having a great time, when instantly I saw a form, I couldn’t figure out what it was I was attracted by it and moved to see what it was, I heard a whistle, a faint cough, before my very eyes the form was changing into two beautiful children, one was a girl and the other a boy, I looked at them with surprise, how is this happening, am I in a world of magic? My thoughts were interrupted by the boy, he was showing me a large beach towel with my name in capital letters, he asked me.

“Would you like this, I’ve got it for you?”

I was taken aback by these strange kids, I held my breath for a moment and then replied, “Who are you, how do you know my name, why is my name on the towel you are holding?”

“Not so fast the boy quipped, I’ll answer your question slowly,I am Stan and she is Virginia, you can call her Ginny, if Virginia is too difficult to say in  one breath. We always knew your name and who you are, sadly you do not know us. We knew your birthday is coming up shortly, we thought it would be a good surprise for you, you are out because inside is stuffy, let’s take you for a ride on your towel.”

I wasn’t sure if I should accept the invitation,my inner feeling said quietly,”say yes let us discover this ride on a towel.”

I agreed to take the ride, I was instructed to sit on the towel, I did and my two companions did the same. I felt quite comfortable, Stan whispered something, the towel began to rise, I was not worried, it seemed the two kids were sincere and they did not want to hurt me.

The towel rose to a comfortable level and stayed in that height for several hours, I was hungry I could not ask my companions to feed me, there was nothing in view except the magic towel and us three.

Out of the blue Ginnie asked me, “Are you hungry, it’s been a long time since we had any food?”

The word food made me hungrier, I said, “Yes I’d like a bowl of soup, but how will you get it I asked?”

“Leave it to us both spoke at once”.

This time Ginnie closed her eyes and whispered something which I heard but did not understand. Within seconds there were three bowls of chicken soup in front of us,  I gobbled mine in no time. Stan burst out laughing, “Why didn’t you tell us you were hungry, this is the quickest  I’ve ever seen anyone finish a bowl of soup.”

I saw the sun setting I asked them when will I go home. 

Ginnie said, “Wait miss you have to enjoy your birthday thoroughly, we’ll take you to one more magical place then we’ll take you home.”

I must admit I was having a great time, one more magical place why not, I can deal with it.

I began to notice the towel was landing slowly, in about half an hour it touched the ground. We were in a tent with people of different ethnicity speaking their language. When we landed in the middle they all stood up and welcomed us. Ginnie and Stan’s parents came forward and shook hands with me. I was overwhelmed with this experience. They had a birthday cake large enough to divide between thousands of guests, I was the chief guest because it was my birthday, so I was asked to cut the cake, I did and I was surprised to eat a cake this delicious.

Suddenly I heard a loud Meow, I opened my eyes and noticed my cat Raphael was trying to wake me up, so I could feed him. I wished Rapha did not wake me up I had such a beautiful dream!





365 Writing Prompt: No longer a mortal

You’ve imbibed a special potion that makes you immortal.Now that you’ve got forever what changes will you make in your life? how will you live differently , knowing you’ll always be around to be accountable for your actions?

When I think of immortal, I think of all the definitions of this word: living forever; not mortal; divine;likely or worthy to be famous for all time; a person of enduring fame.

I think I’d rather be mortal than live up to any of these definitions. I am comfortable with the life I’m living, any change from it will not be desirable for me.

The fact that I’ll be expected to live differently is not a favorable option. The idea of trying things that I have not done before will be a pain for me, and the idea I’ll always be around to be accountable for my actions is not appealing to me.

I think I’m doing all right,I’m a good person. I am not anxious to be famous, fame can be a difficult thing.Think about Princess Diana, she was famous, she never had her privacy, there were people always ready to take advantage of her in all sorts of ways, she eventually paid the price, she  died at a very young age.

My life is simple,I go where I want to, I visit my friends without being interrupted by outsiders. I am free,  to me this is the best way of living my life. I do not mind being mortal.



five sentence fiction: Anchor


Lillie McFerrin Writes

Savitri a young woman was married to a man she never knew, in trying to agree to her parents wishes she at times wondered if she had made a fair choice for herself.

Her husband worked outside the country in a place she’d never seen, she needed stability in her life so she was willing to go the distance.

She received her documents in the mail, she was excited to see the new home where her husband lived, she landed in this city with high hopes of a comfortable future with her husband.

The things were rocky in the beginning, her husband was a bachelor for years, he had girl friends,Savitri knew nothing about, she was afraid, she didn’t know how to deal with this knowledge, she could not make a rash decision, months later her husband had an offer to work in a small community, Savitri was delighted, she immediately gave her consent to move out of the big city.

She and her husband moved to a small town of ten thousand people, it was okay for Savitri, the girl friends were back in the big city, Savitri was glad to have the stability she wanted.


DP Daily Prompt: That’s Amore

Relationships long or short they all take the same route i.e., giddiness,infatuation, mad passion,deep respect,esteem, friendship.

Some love stories do not follow quite in the same order, some die immediately after infatuation, some may go up to mad passion, then if one is lucky it might hit the deep respect stage.

Esteem and friendship I know not how they fit into this picture. I know what fits, hatred and disgusting.

Friendship I’ve heard when the couple is no longer married, they become friends, of course for the sake of the children. Who am I to criticize this phase it depends entirely on the couple.

Mine didn’t go through infatuation, giddiness, or mad passion, because it was arranged. We had respect for each other and we did fine, there was no unnecessary quarreling like little kids. We understood each other and did not complain about anything. My husband did his job and I did mine. We discussed when we wanted to buy a house, whether it was suitable for us, if we liked it we bought it. Our first house was a bungalow it was well-built and we loved it. When it was time to sell it we did,because we were leaving the town.

The house that I’m in now is our second house we bought. It’s comfortable, we have good friendly neighbors,everything we need  is close by, we are doing fine.


DP Daily Prompt: Naked With Black Socks Post by Ranu

English: Cricket at Clavering: clean bowled Cl...

English: Cricket at Clavering: clean bowled Clavering take a wicket against Camden CC (Cambridge) on a perfect August afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I read the title of the prompt, I thought  maybe it’s a mistake. You see this is one expression that passed me by. When I continued reading  the question. I felt this time I’m clean bowled . Well now that I was able to shake off my awe, I’m prepared to write about myself.

I am not comfortable in front of people if I am given something to read. Hiding in the bathroom,I wouldn’t go that far,but I look at the wall behind the rows of people and read my piece or answer questions without looking directly at them.

I acted in plays by Shakespeare,but then there was the nun watching me, I had to look or else,she’d think ‘Chaman I’d deal with you later’. I knew whatever it is she’d say it won’t be one on one. That kind of danger can straighten anyone,I am a mere meek mortal,I’d probably faint.

So public speaking is something I avoided,but prepared my child for one in her seventh grade,she came out with flying colors. If I could shake off my nervousness,I’d be half decent.  I am too edgy, I’d therefore admit, I’m not comfortable in front of people.

DP Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home Post by Ranu

The phrase  ”There’s No Place Like Home’,is one I truly believe in. To me it doesn’t have to be something extraordinary,but a small comfortable place will suffice. A home where I have my things,where I can do as I please,I can entertain,my friends and family is something I cannot give up.

A life of a nomad does not interest me. I do  not think if I get the chance to travel from place to place,I’ll opt for it. I love the security of my home.I know the people in my neighborhood. I give importance to these things. Nomadic life is not for me.