Commenting basics, day Five: Commenting on Comments

Day Five: commenting on comments

A conversation between me and Indira.

This was my comment on Indira’s blog, after I read her story about the dog and the squirrel.

Ranu’s Comment to Indira: Your story about the dog and the squirrel is awesome. The dog I feel came back twice, first to make sure he was safe, so he sniffed your feet and ran away. When you didn’t chase him, he thought it was safe to play with you, which is why he wagged his tail and licked your feet.

The squirrel wasn’t sure how to take you, it didn’t feel safe to hangout, so it ran away.

Would you say my observation is correct?

Indira: Your observation is perfect dear.Love and hugs.

Ranu: Love and hugs to you too, it’s long time no see.  🙂

……………………………….. 🙂