365 Writing Prompt: It’s a text, text,text world

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

Actually I do not use text, I send email to my friends. I also call when I  feel it is necessary. It is not easy to communicate emotion in a written form . I usually use my phone to talk to my friend or a family member. It is much easier than written form.

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DP Daily Prompt: April 2nd

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This morning I communicated with my blogger friends online. Although I’ve never seen or heard them I’m comfortable writing to them. There are so many options in English , the vocabulary helps, it is quite easy to communicate with friends using words.

I’m able to convey my feelings using words connected to feeling. In fact I’ve written a long email to my friend, who has no trouble understanding what I’m thinking . Sometimes icons are helpful to convey a message such as happy, unhappy.


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/dp-daily-prompt-april-2nd


Writing Prompt: It’s a text,text,text world 365 days

How do you communicate differently online than in person,if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

I do communicate differently online than in person. I have the freedom to write whatever I want without interruption,in person it is different with every phrase, sentence I speak the listener will obviously ask questions, this will interrupt my train of thought.

Writing online this seldom happens, unless the phone rings, in that case I am bound to forget what I was writing .

In a purely written form it is easier to communicate emotion, because no one is watching what I am writing, I have the freedom to write whatever I want to.

Once I received a very nasty letter from my mother, she had received letters from one of my sisters who complained I treated her badly. My mother was furious without thinking through she wrote very hurtful things to me,would she have said those things to me in person,I do not think so. I went home and asked her about the letter, she had nothing to say,she felt embarrassed for being so cruel.

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DP Daily Prompt: Express Yourself Post by Ranu



I bought some material for a set of outfit to be stitched by a tailor.I was in Chicago,I didn’t know anyone who could do a perfect job. feeling totally flustered I  asked the sales girl.She gave me the address of a new seamstress,she had arrived from Karachi,looking for work. My brother-in-law and I found the address.I was delighted thinking,finally there is someone who could do the job for me.

With that thought I rang the doorbell,a very young girl opened the door.Her size,looks, completely confused me. I thought,’she is too young to sew the outfit I want’.I couldn’t just stand at the doorstep,an explanation why I was there seemed necessary at that point. Instantly I found out she didn’t speak English,what could be her mother tongue?

She spoke Urdu,I knew the language but did not have an occasion to speak it. So the obvious happened,I mixed both English and Urdu to communicate, I desperately wanted her to understand. I was lucky she figured it out. I used hand signals,a bit of Urdu and a whole lot of English words to tell her what I wanted and how long it will take. I came home happy to find a seamstress,who will make an outfit for me.

My brother-in-law with whom I didn’t get along made fun of me for forgetting a language I learned in my childhood. They say,’Practice makes one Perfect’,I truly believe in it!

DP Daily Prompt: It’s a Text,Text,Text, Text World, Post by Ranu

I will begin by using the proverb,”Pen is Mightier than the Sword”. The question is ,How Do I Communicate differently online than in person? I will say this first,I’ve  been  thinking about the daily prompt, I have chosen to do daily.Whenever I write these,I am slowly exposing my personality,my likes,dislikes and other things.Since I’ve signed up for it,I’ll continue to participate in the daily prompt. Today’s prompt is about ,How I manage to communicate online. I have some experience doing it since I make my feelings known,when listening to a song or watching movies on YouTube. Sometimes I do not comment when I read the comments of others who are not hesitant to use abusive language to make their feelings known.The other experience is my online course where I have to answer questions or write a comment.I am in the course since the latter part of 2011. Next in line is blogging ,this has given me tremendous opportunity to write and comment to my blog followers.

Email although last on my list is the one I enjoy most. Here I do communicate a lot.I don’t hesitate to let my feelings known.If I think I am too harsh ,I apologize immediately. But my friend at the other end writes back and let’s me know it’s okay. So my only way is through written form. It keeps me busy.

I am against cell phones,I don’t have one ,which means I do not use text messaging.