Commons Writing 101: Unlock The Mind

I am ready to unlock my mind, I was watching a kids’ championship cooking show on the “Food Network” I am amazed to see they know so much, I am confident theses eleven year old kids would be unbelievable cooks some day. 

They already know the cooking terms. They are serious, much more than adults I have watched. Let’s hope we will have fabulous American cooks within ten years.

This food channel is a very interesting show, much better than other shows on TV . I have learned some very valuable tips watching the different competition they have on the food channel.

I think the Cut Throat Kitchen is very competitive, the guy responsible for this show is brilliant, he takes back the money he initially gives in a very clever way. The contestants are learning to be mean and selfish to win this competition.



365 Writing Prompts: Competition

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

As far as I know, I was never competitive. I have seen my siblings and my classmates, how competitive they were. This changed their personality completely, they were not friendly, they were totally consumed by competition, even to such lengths, like their classmates were their enemy.  I felt it was a bit much.

I was interested to do well in school, I didn’t care what my rank in class was. The extra pressure of rank had changed some of my siblings, they stayed away from classmates who were equally good.

I remember, there was a girl in my class, her aim was to secure the highest marks in every subject, this made her a very hateful person, no one liked her, all she talked about was how much better she was than the other students.

So competition was never my aim in life.…ts-competition/

DP Daily Prompt: Three- tenths (life,love,waste) Post by ranu

Ten words that come to mind are:

1. poetry








The above are the ten words that came to my mind.The three I have chosen are: love,life and waste.

As an infant we feel love. Our parents give it to us unconditionally. Life is good when we get love. We grow up feeling it is our birth right to be loved.

As years go by we grow up ,we start school.we meet boys and girls our age. we are taught basic language to fulfill our needs. Our life runs smoothly. The only responsibility we have is to make sure we remember our lessons. At home we are the most important person. In school there are twenty others who seek love from the one teacher. We cannot understand why we are not the center of attention. It teaches us jealousy. We start disliking our classmates. We feel because of them we do not get enough attention.

As we go higher up in grades,we learn another thing.It is competition. Our competitive spirit makes us believe we will get more attention if we do well. To achieve it we learn to work hard and not waste time. Our inner self teaches us all these things i.e do not waste time,we must work hard to impress the teacher, we will not get love automatically,we have to earn it,life will become complicated.

We grow up and are amazed to find life is no longer a bed of roses, there are thorns every step of the way. We learn to make adjustments to avoid getting hurt. Sometimes it is not easy. we move on at our own pace,we try to inhale everything around us. Suddenly we find ourselves struggling to keep up with the rest of humanity. Our parents are always there to teach us right and wrong. We are torn between the teachings of parents and that of our friends. There is a big difference. How can we tackle this. We are not quite sure who we should follow. Our mind has not developed yet to comprehend. If we are unlucky we’ll stick to our friends,the loss of friends at that stage is something we cannot cope with. We are sharp to understand who we must follow. Our parents  will never abandon us, but the friends will. We choose friends over parents.The path taken by us will expose us to serious trouble. The nightmares will visit us every night,

While we are in this predicament,we realize it is essential to talk about our fears with our parents. We know they  will understand and save us from any further trouble. Parents love us unconditionally,they protect us from evil people. We learn from our experience,life,love and waste are the key to a successful future!

Daily Prompt: Competition posted by ranu

I am not a person who is very competitive.I went through school,college and university without competing.I was mostly happy with my performance.Competition I feel causes a lot of stress. Nothing brings out my competitive streak. Having said that there was once  I felt it brought out my competitive streak full throttle.

My daughter Fatima was visiting me for a few days.One day she came and asked me,was I going to be busy that day.I told her I didn’t think  and was curious to know what was on her mind. She wanted to play a game of scrabble and she was wondering if I would join her.This daughter of mine hated to lose,she grew up winning everything,my husband was not particularly happy if she lost.Because she created a holy fuss which amounted to slamming the doors,stamping the floor and screaming. My other two daughters were told to let her win,they were not thrilled with the idea but they hated to see the repercussion,if she lost.

I had a perfect chance to teach her about winning and losing.Immediately I made it clear to her,win or lose she will have to control herself,she promised to abide by my rule. We proceeded to play the game,my dormant competitive spirit woke up.I sat straight and concentrated on the game.I looked at every possible nook and corner to see how I could make a word and get a lot of points.Luckily I also got the letters with high points.Fatima was keeping the score and also looking at all the possible angles where she could get the triple word score.We were at it for half of the day. I managed to use out all my letters she couldn’t. I let her add the score, I won by probably about ten points.I won both ways I won the game and also taught her  a very important lesson,how to lose gracefully. Remember this I told her,”Failure is the pillar of success.”