Daily Prompt : Synchronize

In response to daily prompt : SYNCHRONIZE

Synchronized traffic lights is rarely  seen,

driving is a pleasure when the lights   turn green.

But if you are unfortunate and the light turns red,

All you can see are streams of red lights ahead.

We must learn to share good and bad with ease,

We cannot have everything we please.

Enjoy while you can  every passing day,

Be prepared when things don’t go your way!

……………………………….. 🙂








Daily Prompt : Gray

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Gray

Grumpy Tom

He looked at the thick Gray clouds and muttered, ‘it’s going to be another rainy day honey.’

Julia didn’t mind rain, after such a hot spell, rain was a welcome sign. She ignored hubby’s words and got busy with her work. Their kids came home soaking wet, once again Tom complained, ‘why do we have rain so frequently, look at the kids all wet and have ruined the rug, can we not do something about it? He groaned.

He sounded so funny, Julia burst out laughing, she replied, ‘I can’t stop the rain so quit complaining.’

Sometimes we humans do not realize, we have no hold over Nature, it will do whatever it wants, and our kicking and screaming will not solve anything. What we must do is enjoy whatever it throws upon us, we must grin and bear it, for we have no choice.

I hope Tom learns to enjoy the work of Nature and quits getting annoyed with everyone in the house!

……………………………………… 🙂

Hindi song: Hamein aur jeenay ki chahat na hoti, posted and translated by Ranu

Singers are : Kishore Kumar(male voice, Lata Mangeshkar- female voice)

I would not have the desire to live,

Had you been not here,

If you did not  support me,

I would remain in the whirlpool,

And would not find the shore,

Even if I was on the shore

The waves would come and drown me.

If you were not here

How can I tell you

How much you mean  to me.

You are my life’s support

I would hold on to the string of hope

And weep for moments

Had you not been here.

I would not have the desire to live,

Had you  not been  here.

I would endure

all your sorrows happily.

I would not complain

To anyone ever.

The world would jeer at me,

Happiness would weep for me

Had you not been here,

I would not have the desire to live,

Had you not been  here!

……………………….. 🙂