Daily Prompts: Life After Blogs

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Your life without a computer: What does it look like?

I think life will be difficult without a computer. These are the things I’d miss: sending emails to my family and friends; making new friends by blogging; I’d miss writing poetry, and so many other things. I think I’d be bored.



Writing 101,Day 16

Writing 101: Search your stats for a post idea. If you don’t glean anything from your stats page, consider one of these prompts instead.

If you were forced to make your blog private, would that affect your writing?

Overnight you discover you’ve gained 50,000 blog subscribers, what would you write for your next post?

One day you notice a strange stat. Write a short piece of fiction or poem that describes what you see and/or what happens?

I was awakened from my sleep one day,

The computer was telling me to turn it on right away.

Being a lover of sleep I yelled out ‘can you be calm?’

‘No I can not’ said the machine,

‘For it  will do you plenty of harm.’

‘Really’ I said ,’you got to be kidding.’

‘No ma’am I’m not,’ it replied laughing!

I turned on the machine what did I see?

On the state page,

My Dad was busy writing a story for me!

“I know I’m not a poet but I love it , sadly I  do not have the gift of writing poetry.” Ranu!  🙂

…………………………… 🙂


Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions

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What’s messier right now– Your bedroom or your computer’s desk top( or your favorite device’s home screen). Tellus how and why it got to that state?

Right now my bedroom is messier I’d say. I get a fresh layer of dust each morning, on my computer, TV screen and my dresser.

It’s interesting how it got there. Last year the furnace man came to clean up, as we have made arrangements to do yearly clean up. After an hour’s work of so called clean up, he advised me to get someone to clean the accumulated dust as soon as possible.

I went on the hunt to get such a person.I found one in the directory. The guy told me it will be one hundred dollars, I was all smiles who wants to have dust as a pet. So I waved the green flag, “go ahead mister”, I said.

Exactly five minutes later he said the job was done. I was elated no more dust I thought. I gave him one hundred dollars ,he happily went on his way.

From that day I noticed layers of dust on my furniture. I had no idea whence it came from.

Well there was a surprise waiting for me at our local weather channel, this guy gives daily tips about certain things in a household, this day he said, “you must never try to get rid of  dust in the furnace, the dust is packed in, if you try to clean, the dust will loosen and  scatter all over in your house.”

So this is why I see dust layers on everything in my house, not just my bedroom.  😦

…………………………………… 😦

Writing 101, day one: Unlock your mind

I got ready to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy. I was out of the house in a jiffy, as I turned the corner of my house to get to the bus stop , I saw the bus whizzing by me. Thirty minutes , I had to wait for the next one, to get the time moving I went to the next stop . I noticed I had twenty two more minutes to kill, I came back to my stop, still there was more time left.

I was frustrated but chose to wait the ten minutes I was required to. The bus came I got on and after five minutes I was in front of the pharmacy. I walked in picked up my medicine. I turned around and started walking to the bus stop to get on the bus and get home. I checked my watch and realized I didn’t have to walk so fast to get to the stop for the bus. There was ten minutes left for the bus to arrive. The bus came late. Sometimes I feel the hands of the clock refuses to move when I want it to.

Finally I saw the bus coming, I was the first to get on. The anxiety of waiting took a toll on my mind I was exhausted when I got home.

The felines were sleeping sound, I tried to wake them up, they were not in a mood, “come on Gabriel, Raphael wake up and eat your lunch,” they didn’t care.

I turned on my computer to send an email, I got the most tiresome message,”sorry we cannot connect to the internet try again later.”

I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich for me. “This was my day, tell me if yours was better.”

Writing 101- Prompt-3

Write about three most important songs in your life– what do they mean to you?

I have a lot of songs in my mind and they all mean a lot to me. I sing quietly at times when I am sad, some give me the strength to forget my worries and move on, others make me happy.

To me songs have a unique reaction for me it calms my mind when someone hurts my feelings, I can spend hours listening to songs that are uplifting.

Here is one that I love,: Thank you Allah!

I am ready to commit to a writing practice, this is my first writing practice:

I woke up at 5am to pray .After spending an hour,I felt sleepy, I told myself I’ll wake up at 7 am but ended up sleeping longer. I got dressed to get ready to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I always have porridge for breakfast, one of these days I’d be so sick of it I’ll never look at it.For now I am religiously eating it.

I came back to my room to turn on my computer hoping someone remembers me and will write a nice email to me, but no luck . I’m writing this twist as they call it for fifteen minutes. I may pick up “Atlas Shrugged ” to read .The part I started reading was very interesting, Dagny is quite the brave woman, going to a little diner, I don’t think I would,then again I’m scared of everything, even when a dog barks I think it will bite me. How foolish you’d say, but I have my reason,I was chased by a bunch of dogs when I was six, only because I was carrying a little note for my sister’s friend.

What can I say about my big sister she is such a bully, if you don’t listen to her she’d scream your ears off, do I want to hear her scream, no would you, her voice is so shrill. I tell you she’s no Julie Andrews , the hills won’t come alive when she sings, they’ll disappear.

She used to tell me I’ll never be anything because I did not spend my time with a book like she did.Now that i think about it I bet she did not study all thjose times she had a book in front of her. I know she did not want to do any chores around the house, so Mom thought her sweet old daughter is so studious.

Mom thought Ranu never looks at a book, she’s the one who should do all the chores, she won’t be as learned as the big daughter. Guess what I proved her wrong, I got as many degrees as she did, not only that, I have one more.




365 Writing Prompts: Non-regional diction

Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect or your accent.

This one is tough, since I have not learned to record my voice on this machine i.e my computer. I thought about this prompt all evening unfortunately came up with no solution.

It’s morning I haven’t figured out yet how I’m going to enunciate words without sound. My mind tells me to write a story of how I learned some of the languages I know.

My first language is my mother tongue Bengali, my mother always used dialectal Bengali which everyone thought did not sound like the original language.

My Dad spoke perfect Bengali, the language you read in books, between my Mom and my Dad there were no issues which one we the kids should speak.

We picked the dialect and not the proper Bengali my Dad spoke.

Moving on to my next language it was Urdu, the language our neighbors and my friends spoke, it came to us quite naturally, I do not recall having any difficulty speaking it. This one like other languages must have dialects too, but I wasn’t aware of it. I know the kind that sounds better, it has to be the one written in books.

My third language is English, I learned in school, in my earlier stages I learned it from a British teacher, she had the perfect British accent.

Change of school put me in a place where English was spoken with an Irish accent, we were taught by Irish nuns, so my pronunciation changed, I was always keen to learn to speak like the teacher. The British accent I believe changed to Irish.

To me I didn’t recognize the change because “ha:f was always that, there was no change.”

If the accent remained the same it would be superb but it took a hit when I had to change all the long a– sound to short to conform with the rest of the population in North America, the kids I taught thought I had a strange accent.

I pronounced ‘half’ like ‘man’, from then on kids had nothing to say about how I pronounced the words.

Lately I’m forced to change the spelling, whenever I spell ‘labour’ the Brit way, it is underlined in red, to make it easy I drop the ‘U’ reluctantly.

This is my story of how I learned the languages I know and the changes I had to make to avoid being called “Weird!”

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/365-writing-pr…gional-diction/

DP Daily Prompts: Sweeping Motions

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What’s messier right now — your bedroom or your computer’s desktop(or your favorite devices home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.

My laptop is placed on a table, it has hardly enough space to put my laptop and the mouse, of course there is the telephone too. If I try to move any of them it’ll be disastrous, so they are enjoying the space and nothing else has room to sit there.

I do not have too many devices, the ones that are there are skilfully put in the drawers, our large TV occupies more space than anything else, there is hardly enough room to be messy, however when our felines get overly anxious to catch the ball bounced on TV by tennis players they’re careful enough and therefore they do not fall off.

The place in my house which is the messiest is the basement, we tend to put our discarded things there,hoping to get rid of them as soon as possible, it hasn’t happened yet, but more and more junk is piling up with the same intention of clearing it when we’re free, when we are free our mind is not, so the junk remains.It’s not a good excuse I know, it can’t be helped!


365 days Writing Prompts: Life after blogs

Your life without a computer: What does it look like?

There was a time when I wasn’t able to figure out how a computer works, it was due to my lack of interest. now that I have some knowledge, I feel my life without this wonderful gadget called the computer will be pretty dismal.

These are some of the things I’d miss, all the tips about cooking and baking; the sunset and sunrise times; all about famous people who made a  difference to our world;  and how something works if I lose the manual. There are so many things I’ll have to do without.

The emails, it costs no money to send them and how quickly they are received. The online course I’m doing.

My life would be dull without this amazing technology, I’d probably sit in my room twiddling my thumbs, and wonder how did I ever do without a computer.

So dear WordPress my life without a computer does not look good at all!


DP Daily Prompts: Pride And Joy

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What’s your most prized possession? Go!


I think my laptop computer is the best source of my enjoyment, to me it’s my most prized possession. 

Since I got my computer I have accomplished a lot,I have done several online courses which I’ve enjoyed immensely. I have learned about my favorite poet and philosopher Iqbal.

I have translated Tagore’s poems and song lyrics. I joined blogging which enabled me to come into contact with some very talented and lovely people. Some of them have become my good friends.

I have participated in interesting writing competition, I have been able to interact with a large number of people.

I consider this a prized possession because nothing else can give me as much pleasure as my computer!


nk: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/dp-daily-prompts/

DP Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home Post by Ranu

I came home after ten days in Montreal. I can’t explain what is it about ones home,that it makes you think about it day and night.

To begin with I woke up at three in the morning to get ready for my flight. You might say it’s crazy to wake up that early to catch a flight at 5:30 a.m. Here is how my system works.I have to take a shower,do it slowly.I avoid doing it in ten minutes. Then I have to make my bed,make sure  I leave everything in its proper place,this is to save myself from getting irritated when I’m back. I was required to be an hour and a half early at the airport to check in.

I noticed I missed my home the moment I boarded my flight. I missed my computer,it meant I could not do my daily post. My friend who I stayed with doesn’t have these things.She is contented with cooking,cleaning and going to the mall everyday and do window shopping.

I missed my kitchen,cooking my food the way I like. I couldn’t do that in a strange place. I missed my bed, waking up before sunrise for prayer. After a couple of days I was ready to be back at home.The sad part is, I booked to stay for ten days,no matter how I felt, I’d have to’Grin and Bear it’.

I am probably giving the impression I did not have a good time,it’s not true,I did. When I’m away from  home,my enjoyment lasts for a short while. There are a whole host of things I have to sacrifice,it brings the question,was it really worth it?

This is how I feel about ,’My Home’!