DP Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local

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“Think Global.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

There is a global concern about the change of climate due to global warming. Here at home our weather is very uncertain. There was a time when we knew how much snow we will have, I mean approximately. Now we have rain instead of snow, no I am  not complaining , I know I do not have to shovel rain yet I am concerned about this change.

How will this change of weather affect us, will it be detrimental to farmers who expect a certain kind of weather to grow food. If this happens food will be expensive, they already are and how much more can a family afford to pay for produce that they need daily!

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DP Daily Prompt: Take Care Post by Ranu

When I am unwell,I stay quiet and hope it will get better,I do not need to tell anyone I am unwell. This is usually what I have done in the past and still do.

There was a time I was unable to ignore when I really felt sick. I didn’t know what to do. My situation got from bad to worse as time went on. So I alerted my house physician i.e my husband,I told him something was wrong with me,I cannot tell what. My husband gave a casual look and said,” there’s nothing wrong with you,you are putting on too much weight”, when I looked in the mirror, I noticed my puffy eyes and my face looking extraordinarily fat. I went along my business,doing my normal work,going to work,taking care of the kids,cooking,cleaning. I wasn’t  feeling  any better as days went by.

I made a last ditch effort to convince my husband,I was really sick. I told him, I felt exceptionally tired, my legs felt wobbly when I walked, and I was short of breath ,when I walked to school.My school was only five minutes away from my home.

I think suddenly the light of concern was visible in my husband’s face. He said,”I cannot delay it I’ll make an appointment with the internal medicine doctor.” Luckily I got the appointment immediately. The doctor asked me to tell him,how I am feeling. I told him everything,I knew I needed help and I cannot omit anything. He looked at me and said,” A patient in your condition cannot get out of bed and you go to school to teach.I will take you off for six weeks.”

I thought six weeks,those poor kids,who will take care of them.He told me it was not the time to worry about the kids. The Principal can get a substitute. “You have to get better”.  I was off for six weeks and was given medication to take care of my health. This was the time when I seriously needed help.