365 Writing Prompts: Teleport

If you could travel to any location in the universe–where would you travel and why?

The place I’d like to visit is Reykavik in Iceland. Iceland is one of the peaceful countries of the world. It is successful in staying out of world’s major conflicts, which makes it a very attractive place to visit.

The only headlines it hit is the collapse of the Icelandic banks a few years ago.

It is one of the stunning places of natural beauty.

Visitors from all over the world travel to the land of “Fire and Ice”,they go there to see its raging volcanoes and huge glaciers, as well as its unique cultural attractions in the capital Reykavik.

My only reason to want to visit this place is there is no conflict, which means it is safe I therefore find it  very appealing to visit!

DP Daily Prompt: Showdown At Big Sky

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

How do you handle conflict? Boldly and Directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach?


I handled conflict very differently from any of the ones listed,I’d loved to write how I handled conflict, once upon a time.

This is all about my sister-in-law , she joined our family without invitation and was always ready to give us trouble and prove to my eldest brother we were evil.

One day my sis.-in-law prepared lunch as usual, she told the maid she was going to her neighbor’s and would be back before my other brother came home for lunch.She told the maid not to serve lunch until she came back.


My brother arrived home for lunch and  asked the maid to quickly bring lunch for him she said she couldn’t because she was told to wait  until Mrs.  was back.The clock was ticking my brother got very impatient I watched him pacing back and forth, and getting angrier every second. He had five minutes left to go back to work and the lady  of the house i.e our sis.-in-law did not come back.

My brother could not keep his temper in check anymore,he went into the kitchen, and started picking up the food pots and tossed them outside one after another until he was done. Then he left. I was horrified I did not know what to do,I thought my eldest brother would come home and get angry with me or even hit me.You might wonder why was I afraid because if anything bad happened my elders used to take it out on me. 

I got dressed up quietly,called a rickshaw and went to our Grandpa’s house. I was safe, Grandpa looked at me and smiled,” what did your sister-in-law do this time?” I didn’t stop shaking, he felt bad for me, he said,”next time come to my house don’t go to your brother’s place”.

This is how I handled that conflict.