Daily Post : Confused

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Confused

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There have been some instances, during my teaching days when something or the other confused me. The real challenge was presented to me when I had three kids from the same family. I was taking the roll call, suddenly I noticed there were kids with the same last name, of course my focus was on the register. I looked up saw these three kids with a wide grin on their face. ‘Are you related ?,’ I asked.

Immediately three little nine year olds looked at me, “We are triplets!,” they exclaimed.

‘WOW!’ I thought, Triplets, in my mind I wondered what if they all look alike. I looked at them, fortunately, there was a sister and two brothers. I was relieved not all of them were boys. I took a second look at the boys, I was worried they looked exactly the same. How would I deal with this? if I called Jack and Jim showed up or vice versa. They were in my homeroom, I’d have them all day every day. I told myself, there has to be something by which I could tell them apart.

The first day of school I made up my mind to look closely to see if there was any feature on their face which could unlock the mystery. For some reason both came to my desk to ask something, they were standing close enough for me to detect the difference, I felt like saying out loud,”Eureka I have found it.”

You must think what did I find? Good question, One of them had a soft disposition, the other one did not. It was enough for me.

All through the school year they asked, “How can you tell Miss?

I’d smile and say, ‘Aren’t you glad I can tell you apart?’

From their expression I knew, they didn’t, they couldn’t play the game, “Miss you are wrong, I’m not who you think I am.”

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Writing 101,Day Nine: Reinvent the letter format

Today, write your post as a letter. Approach it in any way you’d like.

This is a letter to my ,”Thoughts.”

Dear Thoughts(or should I address you as someone who constantly reads between the lines),

No matter how I address you, I must remind you  stop making my mind confused by your continual claim that so n’ so does not like me.

What made you think that? Is it by reading this person’s comment on my last post? Maybe it seemed like that to you; I really do not agree. There are times my readers decide after reading the post, they would handle the topic differently. It’s their reasoning, so please refrain from putting ideas in my head.

If I listen to you every time you make me believe someone doesn’t like me. I won’t have any friends. You are persistently messing up my brain. If you are unable to send positive vibes to me;leave me alone. I am pretty sure I can take care of myself.

Best wishes,





365 Writing Prompts: Singin’ in the rain

Safe inside, toasty warm,while water pitter-patters on the roof…..  describe your perfect rainy afternoon.

It is morning where I live and the skies are cloudy,there is rain in the forecast and heavy rain the weatherman says.While sitting at my desk I’m trying to think, why are we having rain in the middle of June. A voice inside me says, ” do not complain Ranu, make the most of it, do something, enjoy it, or at least pretend you wanted rain on this day June 15th.”

I console myself, so what if Nature is a bit confused what we should have at  this time of the year, since it wants to give us rain,we might as well start singin’ in the rain.

I am inside, my room is nice and warm, I think I’ll do something enjoyable this afternoon.

When we the siblings were very young and had no idea of how the world works enjoyed anything different, the rain was something everyone welcomed after days of excessive heat.

Mom would hastily get the rice and lentils and cook a delicious meal. She knew she needed to cook something else to eat with the rice, so beef curry took all the votes. At meal time we’d wish for rain every day to have Mom’s delicious rice and lentils dish and my favorite the beef curry.

The above was how I remembered rain. Right now I’m thinking what can I cook to make it a memorable day. It will be rice and lentil mixture served with beef curry, yum yum!

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Tagore song posted and translated by Ranu

Far from the village

the red muddy path

has won my heart.

It is enticing   me

to follow it.

It asks me humbly to come

outside my house

Ah me!

What can I do?

I have become a wayfarer,

Where will it take me,

On which turn will

it show me the riches,

Where will I be stranded,

Where will my journey end?

I am confused!


DP Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits Posted by Ranu


School. (Photo credit: zoovroo)

Another school semester is about to begin. While school means getting knowledge and making friends,doing silly things. It fails to attract me,I am out of school,I am doing great. Frankly I miss nothing about school,the boring lecturers, the overactive classmates and a dingy classroom,I am so blessed for not heading that way any more.

Although I am out of school,I cannot do as I please. I have to look for a job,one that pays enough to keep me afloat. Now it’s not easy to come by a job like that.

Maybe I miss school,my fees are paid by my parents or guardians,whoever happens to be holding that wonderful job. For me I just have to study, it will be an excuse to continue the flow of cash from my dear elders.

You know what I am confused,I cannot exactly say which one I like better. Both of them come with a bundle of responsibility. So I am tossing between in school and out of school. Do I like studying or working ? I’d say ‘Neither’. There you go this is my response to today’s prompt!