DP Daily Prompt: Why, Thank You?

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What’s the best (or rather ,worst ) backhanded compliment you ever received? If you can’t think of any—when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you actually didn’t deserve?

When I first came to Montreal, my husband invited his friends to dinner. My husband was unaware of my cooking skills, he therefore cooked everything himself.

His friends enjoyed the food, before they left, they said, “thank you for the excellent food, you are such a good cook.”

I felt very uncomfortable I knew I did not cook anything, I replied, “thank you, but my husband cooked everything!”


365 Writing Prompts: On the edge

We all have things we need to do to keep on an even keel–blogging,exercising, reading, cooking.What’s yours?

This is something not so easy to do, to be able to balance so many tasks I need to do needs discipline. I sometimes falter, then I let loose some of the things thinking, I won’t go on that bike today, I’ll exercise tomorrow, but I must do other things properly, since I’ve taken away the time for exercise for reading.

When I start reading I get so involved I’m unable to stop and turn my attention to cooking, I know it needs to be done or what will my daughter and I eat, getting takeouts is not an option, it’s not healthy.

I have  a set time for blogging I write two prompts daily, I do not have time to do more, I also read posts of bloggers and write my comments, some posts are longer which requires more time to read and comment.

I must admit I sometimes neglect some of the things that need my attention.

Reading, writing,cooking, blogging takes time, I am not capable of doing all of them regularly, I procrastinate, eventually lot of important things are left undone.


365 days Writing Prompts: Life after blogs

Your life without a computer: What does it look like?

There was a time when I wasn’t able to figure out how a computer works, it was due to my lack of interest. now that I have some knowledge, I feel my life without this wonderful gadget called the computer will be pretty dismal.

These are some of the things I’d miss, all the tips about cooking and baking; the sunset and sunrise times; all about famous people who made a  difference to our world;  and how something works if I lose the manual. There are so many things I’ll have to do without.

The emails, it costs no money to send them and how quickly they are received. The online course I’m doing.

My life would be dull without this amazing technology, I’d probably sit in my room twiddling my thumbs, and wonder how did I ever do without a computer.

So dear WordPress my life without a computer does not look good at all!


Writing Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Early Bird, or Night Owl

I am an early bird, I love my night’s sleep too much to stay awake all night. I’m unable to do any kind of work at night, I can’t even watch movies. 

Waking up early in the morning is wonderful for me. I get my work done,like cooking,cleaning,writing my posts and occasionally I go shopping for food and other things I need.

During the day I visit my neighbors, wait for mail these are some of the things I won’t be able to do if I slept all day.



DP Daily Prompt: Luckiest People

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It is Saturday morning where I live. The day is gloomy. We may have rain or snow. who knows which.

The first person I saw is my daughter. She is friendly. She likes to help people. She has a lot of friends. They are very fond of her. She is a Computer Programmer.  Her favorite pastime is drawing. She also takes part in plays.

She loves to cook and bake. Her skill in cake decorating is excellent.

For Halloween she made a costume, she was going to dress up as Mereda.  She spent a lot of time making the costume.


DP Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul(and the Stomach)Ranu’s post Ranu’s Post

Beef Curry

Beef Curry (Photo credit: avlxyz)

My favorite meal is curried beef with mixed vegetables and lentil soup and boiled rice

Boiled rice

Boiled rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. I like eating it more than preparing it. Since I can only eat ,if I cook it.I have no choice but to prepare it.

When I was young,occasionally my Mom used to cook beef.I thought she was the best cook in the whole world. My Dad was a fussy eater,if food didn’t look good or taste good,he’d call me and tell me to give it to my Mom.I of course thought what a nice gesture. One day at lunch he called me to take the food for Mom,I was  my jovial self humming a tune,Dad wants to share the food with Mom.

I was calling Mom from a distance,when I reached her,I gave her the food,I said,”Dad wants you to eat it”. Mom was so angry I

Lentil soup

Lentil soup (Photo credit: fifikins)

thought she’d hit me. I didn’t know what I did wrong.She calmed down when she saw me crying. She said,”Don’t you know when the food is not tasty,he sends it to me”. How was I going to know,no one told me. I noticed whenever this happened the servants would disappear,and I’d have to take the brunt from both my parents.

But beef curry,my Mom made was so tasty,I’d go for seconds. My brother Rafique was irritated with my love for beef curry.He once remarked,” If you eat so much beef you’ll turn into a cow”.  Those were the days my friend I thought would never end.It did come crashing down to an unfortunate end!

DP Daily Prompt: Tagline

Hello,I am a WordPress blogger, I use Ranu as my user name. I like translating Rabindranath Tagore’s poems.I have done several.I also have written reviews of novels I read.

I take online courses offered by Iqbal Academy.

I like reading variety of books.I recently finished reading,”Paulo Coelho’sPilgrimage.

I spend my time cooking,and trying different recipes.I like spicy food.

This is all about me.

DP Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill Post by Ranu

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Daily Prompt brings back nostalgic memories of my aunt. She and I got along well,we spent hours talking about this and that. Poor thing she was the one who was in the kitchen cooking all day,with minimum hired help.I remember, we had just finished eating lunch,my aunt Bela was back in the kitchen preparing supper. I sat on the doorstep of the kitchen,watching her.She looked tired that day, she had a very tired smile. I wasn’t old enough to help her,and didn’t understand her pain.I was there to use my ‘gift of gab’. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “Ranu wouldn’t it be wonderful,if someone invented a pill which would replace food,and we’d be satisfied,it’d mean no cooking,no washing dishes,what do you think?” What did I think my brain could not fathom,that a pill can actually take the place of food. I smiled and said nothing. Either way it made no difference to me,this thing aunt Bela dished out to me was way beyond my comprehension.

Today after such a long time,I face the same question.It is slightly different but the thought is the same,a pill replacing cooking and cleaning,would I take the pill with all the nutrition stuffed in it,only it would look like a normal pill. Whether it is red or blue who cares. I know this is the twenty-first century, the world has made huge strides in technology. But can they invent a pill that can be a substitute for food. If for instance they do discover this extraordinary pill that single-handedly takes care of all our woes of cooking and cleaning. It looks good on paper. ‘Nay’,I will not go for it. I’d rather prefer my labor of cooking than have a pill. I’ll miss so many tasty food,the act of eating crunchy chips,chewing those juicy hamburgers, eating those fabulous cheese cakes. the flavor the taste of food,I’ll miss if I opt for a pill .I think about it this way, I will miss chewing and exercising my jaws.

There is too much to lose and not much to gain. Cooking is fun and relaxing. Then there is the question of inviting friends and families,what am I going to serve for dinner , “A Blue Pill”? No it looks and sounds grim from start to finish. So I say no to this amazing pill.

DP Daily Prompt : Clone Wars Post by Ranu

English: Logo of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fra...

English: Logo of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Français : Logo de Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is simple, I’ll split my mind into two one will do all the inside thinking such as spiritual and the other one will handle the outside world ,which probably will be tougher. I will handle the spiritual side and the clone will take care of the worldly affairs,i,e, all the cooking,cleaning ,buying groceries etc. I t will be fun,provided the clone co-operates. All the struggle will take place inside!


The cook who outwits his employer Part—–Two

Gepetto with marionettes

Gepetto with marionettes (Photo credit: Peter E. Lee)

Remember,Alfie the cook?you might wonder what kind of stunt is he pulling now?You will be sad to know,”he is simply resting on his laurels .” He compares his achievement to Roger Federer’s Seventeen Grand Slam tennis titles.While Roger wants to add to his collection,Alfie thinks of  his remarkable talent as something no one can surpass,even Roger.

Well ,we all know the proverb, ” Pride goes before a fall.” Alfie did not care what people thought of him.He spent his time cooking for his master and,thereby improving his skill.He was doing well in the Art of cooking and  feeling extremely chirpy.One day his mother said,Alph my darling it’s time for you to tie the knot.He of course was not in a hurry where that is concerned.His mom would not give up coaxing him.Being a dutiful son,he gave in to his mother’s request.He had a very quiet wedding,his motto was to spend the least possible amount of money for the occasion.Luckily for him his would be in-laws were just as stingy.

Alphie’s  friends noticed he was getting so fat.he could almost be compared to a balloon.A year later Alfie’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.Mr. smart was very happy.He made plans,how he was going to raise his son.His son must learn how to cook and be a smart person.These are the two things that will help his little boy.

The teaching started,when his son Gepetto was twelve,he loved this name and thought it would be perfect for the teenager.Meanwhile Gepetto was slowly but surely acquiring his father’s two important skills, learning to cook and being witty.The cooking was done well by the young man.To outsmart anyone was rather iffy.

The father  and son decided to challenge each other before displaying their talent in public.The challenge was to be held on a rather unique day.They both agreed they will pick one day in winter.A day when nature was having a good time treating people with the strongest blizzard in living memory.As expected the dreaded storm started early in the morning.The house where they lived was covered all around with snow.Within a few hours the roof was filled with snow.The question that came  in the mind of the father and the son was how are they going to outsmart nature.None of them were willing to give in.They said to each other,”We will succeed,but how are we going to do it,we cannot stop it,we cannot talk to it.Frustrated,both sat down and began to weep.The agony of defeat and the fear of losing their house because of so much snow on the roof,brought them down to earth.Each said to the other,”we have been too sure of ourselves and dared to outsmart the weather,it has taught us one lesson,”Pride goes before a fall”.They calmed themselves and got up on the roof to clear the snow.They saved their house and promised never to lie again.The lesson they both learned is lying to outsmart someone is a trait God does not like.But if one uses their intelligence to help themselves and others will win out in the long run.

Roger Federer beating Lleyton Hewitt 6-3 6-4 7...

Roger Federer beating Lleyton Hewitt 6-3 6-4 7-6 in the Semi Finals of the Wimbledon Championships (Photo credit: Wikipedia)