Daily Prompt :Core

In response to prompt : Core

Apple Core!

I sound silly if I dislike apple core,

It’s not easy to discard it,

which annoys me even more.

the saying an apple a day,

keeps the doctor away,

sounds healthy indeed,

I hope removing the core,

will not cause me to bleed!

………………………………. 🙂

Life by Tagore translation by ranu

Life                Rabindranath Tagore

Death is not my preference in this beautiful world,

rather I would love to inhabit in the heart of mankind.

In the warmth of the sunbeam and the blooming garden

if I can find space in the core of this lively heart.

The game of life is full of waves on this blissful earth,

parting union so many happy and sad faces I  like to

string together  in my music

compose songs of immortal radiance!

If I’m unable ,then as long as I live

I want to acquire a place amongst you,

hoping you will present my work morning and evening

like a gardener I can  till  new music to bloom for you.

Embrace the flowers with cheery faces; afterwards alas

throw them away if they are scorched.