Blogging 201, Day four: Give ‘EM what they want

Today’s assignment:do a basic stats analysis to help you create an editorial for the next thirty days.

Here is my Stats Analysis for September -16, 2015

Posts and pages __ Views_ 46


Search Engines_ 13 reader_ 3

Mail, Google.com_1

Widgets. Wp.Com_1


Commons, _2


Author                           Views

Ranu 802                      58

Country                             Views

  1. United States  _       22

2. India                            9

3. Indonesia                    7

4. United Kingdom_      4

5. United Arab Emirates_4

6. Pakistan_                      3

7.Canada_                        2

8. Philippines_                2

9. Kenya_                          1

10. Bangladesh__           1

Search Terms__                  Views

Search Term

Why can’t the two birds

live together _                            1

Unknown search terms_         9

Views_ 60

Visitors- 30

Likes-   52

Comments- 28


Most popular Day                                                   Most popular Hour

Wednesday                                                                 12:00 PM

18% views                                                                                   9 % View

All- time posts,       views         and visitors

Posts                         views                   visitors                      Best views Ever

1,954                         52, 689               22,734                        217(May 6, 2014)

The above is my stats analysis. I hope this is what I’m supposed to do.

……………………………… 🙂



365 Writing Prompts: New internet order

All the world’s countries have decided that the internet itself needs a government. Your country asks you to run for Prime Minister of the ‘Net– do you accept? if so what will your platform be?

This seems a very interesting prompt, run for Prime Minister of the internet of my country.

Here is the problem if I accept it just for fun, Politics whether it’s internet or real as is happening in countries now, is not a very enticing job for me. I watch all the commercials on TV , how one candidate brings out  all the negative things, about the other just to get ahead in the polls.

Internet politics will not be any different, keeping this fact in mind, I’ll say, Thank you ,but no I do not accept.


365 Writing Prompts: Life line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she read your palm.You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

I am skeptical about letting anyone reading my palm, the palm reader was  adamant, I gave in. She held my palm and gave me a lesson on what the lines are called. I was irritated but tried to be cordial, I waited for her to start reading my palm.

She started reading my palm, she told me the number of brothers and sisters I had, what they do for a living, that my mom raised us, my father passed away when I was very young. By this time I felt she really is a palm reader and a good one.

She asked me if she could continue, by this time my curiosity increased I said , “Please do.”

Among other things she said I’d settle in a country other than my own, when I asked her how she knew that, she said there is a line that shows it.

She was planning to say more, the announcement from the flight attendant that the flight was about to land, and we should fasten our seat belts and put our seats in the upright position made her stop which left me wondering, where I’d live?

Fiction: Freedom

Lillie McFerrin Writes

343969-bigthumbnail.jpg (450×338)


Simi and Sami were two siblings, they found out from their Mom and Dad,they’d have to leave their beautiful home and go to another country far away.

Simi was unhappy, she fussed a lot, she did not want to give up her friends and her favorite teacher, her brother who was a bit older did not mind moving away,he was thrilled with the idea of making new friends and going to a new school.

Suddenly their world turned upside down,their father announced,”they’ll have to leave immediately to be safe.”

Simi was terrified to know her friends will kill them, if they didn’t leave the house at once.

They spent more than three days hiding from the danger of getting killed, at last after three frightening days they reached their destination, Simi’s parents told her, “we are free now, no one will kill us!”


DP Daily Prompt: Flip Flop

For the past few years my country of origin is having some serious issues.The main cause is the governing party. Although it seems to outsiders it is a democratic country,sadly it is not. People are put to death without any reason.The educated are leaving. There is general strike whenever the party in power thinks it will be beneficial to them.Crime is increasing in leaps and bounds. The citizens are not safe in their own homes. How can a country survive  when there is so much lawlessness.

This is the time  I feel we no longer can be loyal to this party in power. In the olden days,when the corruption reached its peak, the people were blessed with a saviour. It seems to me it’s not possible any more.

DP Daily Prompt: Criticize Post by Ranu

I accidentally came across this title this morning. I think it’s a good one to write about.

I picked this title, it seems to be something we do  automatically.  Once in college I made a comment about a student there.I said ‘Asiya is such a nice girl and she is so pretty.’ My classmate immediately gave her unwanted opinion, ‘O she walks funny’.  I was always attacked by her no matter what I said. If I said ‘ he is a good singer’, immediate response from the same person,’He is a womanizer’. It got so bad I never opened my mouth when she was around.

I sometimes wonder what kind of pleasure can a person get by undermining someone. This is the kind of criticism I can do without. Lately there are all kinds of criticism about a young man,who won the leadership of his party.He is a smart man, is the son of a very famous father who was the prime minister several times. The ruling party is already wasting no time criticizing him. He wasn’t a good teacher,the way he dresses.I’m not sure what else they’ll come up with .They are trying their best to destroy him.There is no such thing as fair in politics.This is the main reason I hate politics. The parties bring out as much dirt about the opposing party as they can. I am also doing the same thing I hate,this is because I feel ,we need smart young people to run the country.If there are so many obstacles in their path, they will not come forward.

I like the U.S. system,a president can only have two terms. In some countries they’re there for life. In my humble opinion constructive criticism is good. If it is the other way around,it hurts,the people and the country.