DP Daily Prompts: Daring Do (2015)

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Tell us about the time you rescued someone else( person or animal)from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

A few years ago my husband and I sponsored his cousin’s son and daughter to come to Canada to finish high school.

The local school admitted them in Grade ten, they completed the program in three years. They went back to Bangladesh the girl completed her master’s degree, the boy was sponsored by his first cousin to California where he completed his studies.

The girl is married and lives in Minnesota , USA.  The boy lives in California USA. I don’t know what the boy is doing because I have no contact with him.

I wouldn’t say they were in any danger physically, but they probably would face problems coming to Canada or USA without help.

I didn’t mind helping but it was not easy to look after two other kids besides my own.

One of my friends remarked you’ve brought two other kids for three years, we won’t even have two to spend the week-end.

Another lady who worked with my husband one day met us at the supermarket, she remarked, “Doctor you should give your wife a gold medal for taking care of your cousin’s kids.”

I did not get a gold medal but the fact that my good deed was  recognized by our friends and colleagues  pleased  me!

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