Wacky Writing Prompt: Scavenger Hunt

To find the first sentence of your story. Take the third book from the left of your bookshelf. On Page forty-two, third sentence from the top, is the first sentence of your story.(if it is a blank page , keep going until you find a page with type.)

I lean forward slowly as though she is a Rottweiler, and she quickly shoves the papers at me and retreats.

I couldn’t even get the chance to say, “What are these.”

Well there was a bundle, I wasn’t ready to read through all of them. I kept turning pages until I found something interesting, just as I was ready to give up, it was as if by magic I heard something,”Hello please don’t trash me , there is something valuable for you to read.”

“Really paper you can talk, I said out loud.”

Was I imagining or did I actually hear those words. I shuffled the papers and picked the one I thought spoke to me, then I heard, “You found me, please read me it is all about lowering your blood pressure.”

I took the paper to the kitchen, as I was hungry I thought , I ‘ll make my sandwich first then read about blood pressure. I took two slices of white bread, the voice came back, “are you sure you want to use white bread, don’t you have whole wheat bread, it’s better, you know?”

I was irritated but thought it’s true whole wheat bread is better for me.I was about to put a thick slice of roast beef between the two slices, “bad selection.” I heard, “how about lettuce and tomatoes?”

Okay I agreed and did as I was told,I was afraid to use mayonnaise just in case I hear the voice again, instead I settled for some mustard. I prepared my sandwich, poured a glass of water, I was ready to eat my creation.

While preparing my lunch I thought it best to put the paper in a safe place, my window was open for some fresh air, to my dismay a gust of wind blew my piece of paper out the window. I stood there watching the paper fly away to never,never land!

……………………………….. 🙂

DP Daily Prompts: The Eighth Sin

pad2014-s.png (308Ă—60)

For me the eighth sin is, “PREJUDICE”. It is a baseless and usually negative attitude toward members of a group.

When God created us I wonder if He thought that His creation will not get along because we are different. By this I mean not all of us speak the same language or practice the same religion or have the same skin color.

I remember I went to a store in a city where they will not speak to you if you spoke English, even though I was a customer and was there to spend my money and they were employed to make sure that the customers were treated with respect.

I was discriminated because I did not know their language, this is prejudice #1.

Then there is the issue of religion, what difference does it make if my religion is not the same. If I practice a certain religion, I am considered a terrorist, therefore they will have nothing to do with me.

Number 3 is color of my skin, why should it be an issue, but it is, there are known facts where if your skin color is different from the natives they wont rent their house or apartment.

I think eighth sin , “Prejudice”, is just as evil as the other seven sins!

link: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/dp-daily-promp…the-eighth-sin/

DP Daily Prompt: If I Had a Hammer

If you could learn a trade — say carpentry,electrical work,roofing, landscaping,plumbing,flooring drywall — you name it what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?


I would love to be a photographer, this skill would give me all kinds of opportunities . I’d photograph every interesting thing I meet on my walks. At the end of the day I will feel proud that it’s my work and no one else’s.

My aim is not to be famous but enjoy doing something I always wanted to do. 

In this universe of ours we have so many varieties of people places, and things , if the interest is there one could spend a lifetime photographing God’s creation and not worry about fame or fortune.

This is something I’d love to have in my pocket!


(Shaphalata) Success by Tagore translated by ranu

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Shaphalata)   Success by Rabindranath Tagore

There are times when I wonder,    deprived of work

my time is wasted morning and afternoon,in fact the whole day.

No my lord it is not wasted,all those moments___

You have accepted them

O my God. My mind is

enveloped with thoughts of your creation

you have awakened the seeds by letting them sprout,

you have helped the flower to bloom.

You have transformed the flower into juicy fruit,

I am sleepy tired and lying lazily in bed

thought all my work is left undone.

I woke up in the morning opened my eyes;

saw, nature was ready to greet me with all its splendour.