Daily Prompt: Crescendo

In response to one-word prompt :  Crescendo

US OPEN Semi-final tennis Ladies Match

The stadium was full not a seat was vacant,

I sat on my bed waiting calm and patient.

Sloane served first determined to win,

Venus standing tall with broad grin.

‘Oh no, beware this victory is mine,’

The noise rose to a crescendo as the crowd lifted the sign.

The mighty Sloane won the first  set,

Her fans cheered she will win we bet.

Second set was easily won by Venus,

Venus’ fans roared , ‘she is a genius.’

To decide the winner the third set began,

It was time for the fans to have a plan.

The noise of each group reached a climax,

It was up to the victor to use her attacks!

………………………………….. 🙂