Daily Prompt : Critical

In response to one-word prompt : Critical

I fear when I hear a patient’s condition is Critical,

Immediately I think there is doubt of his survival.

Some words are  difficult to absorb by us,

Like it will all work out if we do not fuss.

The word critical sends a negative tone,

It scares me so much  I feel I’m alone!

……………………………………. 🙂



DP Daily Prompt: Love to Love You Ranu’s post

There are many things, I love about myself. I feel happy when I help someone,it can be work, cook, baby sitting, I do not like seeing anyone having trouble with these things. Of course it has to be within my means. I am friendly and polite.

I love a kind person,one who feels for someone in need. One who is helpful and not critical. Someone who shows affection. I love people who are happy. I love the kind of person,who makes me feel important and someone who is pleased to have me as a friend.